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Author: starsbleed2nite
Created: November 29, 2003
Taken: 843 times
Rated: G

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Band vs. Band

Created by starsbleed2nite and taken 843 times on Bzoink
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Taking Back Sunday vs. Brand New
The Mars Volta vs. Coheed & Cambria
The Used vs. A Static Lullaby
Thursday vs. My Chemical Romance
The Clash vs. The Distillers
Motion City Soundtrack vs. Something Corporate
Fall Out Boy vs. The Starting Line
Anti-Flag vs. Sparta
Count the Stars vs. Matchbook Romance
Saves the Day vs. Mest
Rancid vs. NoFx
The Early November vs. Yellowcard
From Autumn to Ashes vs. Glassjaw
Alkaline Trio vs. Vendetta Red
Blink 182 vs. CKY
Finch vs. Thrice
Saosin vs. Atreyu
Get Up Kids vs. Less Than Jake
Rufio vs. Slick Shoes
Senses Fail vs. Story of the Year