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Author: guesswhat
Created: November 26, 2005
Taken: 329 times
Rated: G

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Disney Survey

Created by guesswhat and taken 329 times on Bzoink
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favorite Disney movie of all time
What do you think was the best, most successful disney movie ever?
What movie brings back the most memories?
Most unique movie?
What movie teaches the best lesson?
Which movies make you cry like a baby?
Funniest movie?
What movie has the cutest idea?
What movie has the best love plot?
what are the worst disney movies
Favorite 5 disney characters
If you could be any disney character, which one would you want to be?
Which character looks/acts most like you?
Ever had a crush on a disney character? Which one/s?
Are they animated ones? Tell me!
Tell me!Who is the hottest Disney character?
Favorite disney princesse/heroine?
Favorite disney sidekicks?
Cutest drawn character?
Most evil character?
Character with the most personality?
Funniest characters?
characters you can't stand?
Character that would be your friend in real life
Character that would be your husband/wife in real life
Are you scared of any characters?
Can you mock any disney character voices? Which ones?
Name your favorite voice actors and the characters they played
Top 5 favorite disney songs
Best disney soundtrack/s
Worst disney soundtrack/s
Movies that shouldnt have had songs in them
Characters that should not have sang
Do Phil collin's songs do well with disney movies?
Movies that needed songs
Movies that needed better/more songs
Best love song
Best villain song
Do you like disney?
Disney or Dreamworks?
animated disney movies or live action?
traditional Animation or Computer?
Do you think disney is falling?
Do you think disney has gotten worse ever since Walt disney died?
Are you dissapointed that pixar and disney are breaking up?
What do you think about the disney channel?
What is your favorite disney channel show?
Name some disney movies that should not have had sequels
Any good sequels?
What about radio disney?
Have you ever seen a broadway disney show? Which one/s?
have you ever been a disney character for halloween? Which one?
Do you have favorite disney quote from a disney movie? What is it?
do you work for disney?
if not, do you want to work for disney?
If so, in what area of work?
Have you been to disneyland? Where?
Do you think disneyland is a joke?
First disney film you saw?
What is the last disney film you saw?
What was the last one you saw in a movie theater?
Which disney movie do you want to see but havent seen?
Do any disney characters look like/remind you of someone you know?
Which characters resemble their voice actors ALOT?
Are you disapointed in disney right now?
What do you think of their latest movie?
Are you looking forward to seeing a new disney movie? which one?
g traditional aAre you sad that disney is dropping traditional animation?
Were disney films better now, or 5 years ago?
do you think disney should be under better managment?
Do you think disney has changed for the better or the worse?