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Author: danielleminer14
Created: June 20, 2005
Taken: 190 times
Rated: G

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about my brothers

Created by danielleminer14 and taken 190 times on Bzoink
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How old is your brother?
What color is your brothers hair?
What color is your brothers eyes?
Whos your brothers best friend?
Who is your brother?
What grade is your brother in?
Whos your brothers favorite band?
Whats your brothers favorite color?
Is your brother a redneck?
What is your brothers favorite color?
According to your brother..ford or chevy?
According to your brother..pepsi or coke?
According to your brother..crackers or watermelon?
Is your brother racist?
does your brother like the show one piece
Whats your brothers favorite TV show?
Whats your brother going to buy me for my b-day?
Why wont your brother call me?
What school does your brother go to?
Does your brother go to timber creek?
Has your brother ever had a dog?
Do you live with your brother?
Where does your brother live?
Is your brother there right now?
Whats your brothers favorite sport?
Whos your brothers favorite football team?
Whos your brothers favorite NASCAR driver?
Whos your brothers favorite hockey team?
Whos your brothers favorite baseball team?
Which state does your brother live in?
Does your brother like gulf?
Can your brother swim?
Can your brother canoe?
How long is your brothers hair?
Is your brother your husband?
Whats your brothers favorite drink?
Whats your brothers pet iguana name?
Whos your brothers favorite lacrosse team?
Whos your brothers idol?
Who does your brother think should have won american idol?
What kinda music does your brother listen to?
How much money does your brother own?
How many pairs of socks does your brother own?
How well do you knoe your brother?
Is he your real brother?