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Author: minuit
Created: March 19, 2004
Taken: 7,705 times
Rated: PG

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Design your Perfect Girl

Created by minuit and taken 7705 times on Bzoink
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The very basics.
What's her name?
How old is she?
Is she straight or homosexual?
Her looks...
What color are her eyes?
Does she wear glasses?
Does she wear contacts?
Does she have braces?
What color is her hair?
What hairstyle does she have?
How tall is she?
Is she skinny, normal, or chunky?
What race is she?
Does she paint her nails?
Does she wear a lot of makeup?
What kind of clothes does she wear?
Is she mostly legs or mostly body? Or are they equal?
Does she have a little butt, a normal butt, or a big butt?
What's her bra size?
Is she usually smiling or usually frowning?
Her personality
Is she a nice person?
Does she like little kids?
Does she have a lot of friends?
Is she more serious or more playful?
Is she a party girl?
Is she a bit dumb, normal, or smart?
Does she get along with her parents?
Does she talk about people behind their backs?
Does she have a problem with cheating on her boyfriend?
What are her hobbies?
Does she drink, smoke, or take drugs?
Is she a virgin?
Does she like school? (assuming she's still in it)
Does she get things for her friends for no reason?
Can she hold down a job?
Do teachers/other bossy adults like her?
Does she have good manners?
Does she listen to a lot of music?
Does she play a lot of music?
Her favorites
What's her favorite color?
Favorite band?
Favorite book?
Favorite song?
Favorite place for a date?
Favorite place for sex?
Favorite class?
Favorite time of day?
Her and You
What's your relationship with her?
How did you meet?
Do you see her often?
Do you talk with her a lot?
Do you two argue a lot?
Has she ever slept with you?
Do you two have a lot of inside jokes?
Do you share a lot of friends?
Do you get her presents?
Does she get you presents?
Do you want to marry her someday?
Does she have a lot of faults that you ignore?
Do you have a lot of faults that she ignores?
Do you respect her?
Does she respect you?
If you're dating her: have you ever cheated on her?
If you're dating her: would you ever cheat on her?
If you're dating her: has she ever cheated on you?
If you're dating her: would she ever cheat on you?