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Author: joybucket
Created: November 17, 2023
Taken: 21 times
Rated: G

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From where you're sitting right now...can you see the same things as me?

Created by joybucket and taken 21 times on Bzoink
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In the room you're in right now, can you see a....
vacuum cleaner?
huge mandala tapestry?
rag doll?
box fan?
heating pad? 🟦 🔌
pair of pink sweatpants?
fluorescent green hoodie?
lightbulb? 💡
library book? 📖
stuffed dog? 🐶
framed picture of you and a friend from high school?
piece of wall art that says "life is beautiful" on it?
air conditioner?
throw pillow with flowers on it?
embroidered bookmark?
homemade quilt?
box of tissues?
painting of a rose? 🌹
bottle of nail polish? 💅
something with a peacock feather on it? 🦚
necklace? 📿
Bible? 📖
string of Christmas lights?
planner? 📖
white paper bag?
pen? 🖊️
purple hair tie?
camera case?
birthday card?
something dusty?
something with peace signs on it?
large flat rate box?
painting with a tree in it? 🌲
teddy bear? 🧸
bean bag pillow?
something out-of-season that you forgot to take down?
something Christmas-y that you accidentally left up all year?
phone? 📱
phone case?
popsicle stick?
envelope? ✉️
bulletin board?
giant piece of styrofoam?
purple towel?
Save-A-Lot bag?
wall art with the word "love" on it?
pair of glasses? 👓
piece of bright red tissue paper?
can of spray paint?
scrapbook? 📔
mini trinket dish?
decorative lightswitch cover?
floor lamp?
mini throw rug?
random cardboard box? 📦
something shiny?
off-white walls?
newspaper? 📰
wooden chair? 🪑
fake flowers? 💐
plastic bag?
spoon? 🥄
laptop? 💻
red bandana?
glasses case?
wall outlet?
heater vent?
hope chest?
two matching throw pillows?