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About This Survey

Author: chasingghosts
Created: July 3, 2023
Taken: 37 times
Rated: G

We could cry a little, cry a lot. Don’t stop dancing, don’t dare stop.

Created by chasingghosts and taken 37 times on Bzoink
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What's on your to-do list for today?
Do you ever watch movies or TV in bed? Do you use a laptop or do you have a TV?
What's your favourite thing to cook for house guests?
What sort of music did you grow up listening to? Did your parents have a big influence on your music taste today?
Do you remember your dreams?
Are you at home right now?
When was the last time it rained where you live?
Do you think you have a diverse vocabulary?
Have you ever eaten pawpaw?
What was the last art or crafts project you worked on?
Do you know anyone who's been bitten by a snake?
What's a slang word or term that's specific to your neck of the woods? For me, in Australia, I would say
Do you know how to ice skate? When was the last time you went, if ever?
Dogs or cats? You must pick one!
Are there any animals or creatures that scare you?
Do you like watermelon?
Is your backyard or outdoor area tidy or messy?
Have you ever played organised team sports, like in a league?
What are you insecure about?
Okay, what are you secure about then?
What's your favourite kind of puzzle?
Do you ever use the bathroom with the door open?
When was the last time you took an elevator, and where were you?
What last made you feel sad?
Have you ever received a gift hamper? What did it contain?
Are you using a phone, laptop, desktop or tablet right now? Maybe something else entirely?
What sort of movies do you tend to watch?
What colours are you wearing today?
How often do you use your microwave? What did you last put in it?
Who's the last person you messaged and what did you say?