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Author: ----abby----
Created: June 7, 2023
Taken: 19 times
Rated: G

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Are you a Girl Boss?

Created by ----abby---- and taken 19 times on Bzoink
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Do you think you are a girl boss?
Do you like 2000's music?
Do you listen to Lana Del Rey?
Do you like having your nails done?
Do you prioritize your mental health?
Do you take pride in your looks?
Would you consider yourself to have good hygiene?
Do you wear makeup? Or are you a natural gal?
Do you spend half your paycheck on Starbucks?
Are you a Barb?
Do you watch the Wizard Liz? (If not you should)
Do you hate on other girls because you are jealous? (not very girl boss of you)
Ever have a unforgivably cringe phase? (It build character)
Do you love Pinterest?
Do you journal and vent when needed?
Did you ever have a friend who was the carbon copy of you?
Do you take mental health days?
Do you take time for yourself?
Do you do self-care Sundays or maintenance Mondays?
Do you enjoy organizing and cleaning?
Do you devour a whole bag of chips in one sitting? (Takes some real strength)
Did you survive terrible English teachers?
Are you bad a math?
Are you a History lover?
Do you still buy cheap bras from Target? (work smarter, not harder)
Do you make vlogs?
Do you like a wide range of music?
Can you speak a 2nd language?
Do you love over buying lip products?
Congrats If you took this quiz you are probably a girl boss. Sorry if this was cringe im incredibly over tired its literally 6am and i have not slept plus i am sick. Anyways bye Babe!! Treat yourself today u so deserve it.