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Author: joybucket
Created: June 7, 2023
Taken: 7 times
Rated: G

Are you like me right now? [6-7-23]

Created by joybucket and taken 7 times on Bzoink
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You're wearing a gray mask. 😷
You're wearing a striped shirt.
The shirt you're wearing has both royal blue and teal on it.
You're wearing pink and yellow tie-dye shorts that don't match your shirt at all.
Your outfit doesn't match today.
....and you don't care, because you haven't gone out today.
Your allergies have been flaring tremendously this year. 🤧
....so much so that you've had many days in which you've had to stay inside.
You're in the middle of reading a really good book.
....and it's about a Japanese American teenage girl.
There is a book sitting next to you right now. 📕
You just started writing in a new journal, because you finished your last one.
The journal you are currently using has flamingos on it. 🦩
You've had the air conditioner running for most of the day.
Your tan is starting to fade, because you haven't been out in the sun much.
Your hair really needs to be washed soon. 🚿
You really need to do laundry soon.
You just recently discovered a few really good new songs.
....and you've been listening to them on repeat.
You made a few surveys today.
You've been feeling blessed and encouraged by the Holy Spirit. 😊
You wonder what your neighbors are doing today.
You're out of grocery money for this month.
You wonder when your parents are coming to visit next.
You're almost out of toothpaste, and you keep squeezing the tube to try and make more come out.
You've been pinning a lot of pins on Pinterest lately. 📌
You wonder whatever happened to the Pin It button, and you wish you could have it on your laptop again.
You are on a laptop right now.
You have three tabs open on your computer right now.
Lately, you've been staying up later and sleeping in later than you'd like.
You need to go to the pharmacy soon.
You hope you remember to go to the pharmacy tomorrow.
You need to renew or return your library books soon. 📚
You wonder why the characters in the books you read seem to make the stupidest decisions.
You've felt encouraged by a song you listened to today.
You ate oatmeal today. 🥣
You just used your last oatmeal packet.
You just discovered what the word "spoonie" means.
You've recently ordered something on Etsy.
You were recently disappointed when you found out a shirt you wanted didn't come in the color you wanted.
....but now, you're still looking forward to receiving it, because it has a really cool design on it.
You hardly ever order anything online.
You have a PayPal account, but you rarely use it.
You don't have a credit card or debit card. 💳
You hardly ever check your email, and you should probably check it more.
You hate the brain fog that comes with chronic illness.
You've recently run into an old friend that you hadn't talked to in a long time.
...but she didn't ask how you were doing.
.....but that's ok.
You're really, really hoping to make a new friend soon.
You're way behind on everything, as usual.
You haven't used your phone today. 📱
Lately, you've been wearing masks to help you breathe better. 😷
You haven't gone to church in years, and you miss it. ⛪️
You're afraid of being disappointed again.
There's a big controversy going on in your city right now.
....and you've recently signed a petition related to this big controversy.
....and you're planning to vote in the next election, when the issue hits the polls. 🗳️
You can't believe that 2023 is nearly half over!
You feel like spring went by way too fast.
You wish you could go back to 2014 and fix a mistake that you made.
You wonder if anyone will do anything special for you for your next birthday. 🎂
You're thinking of trying to educate people more about your chronic illness, because most people don't seem to understand.
You wish you had more control over your sleep schedule.
You're not able to wear your hair in a ponytail for very long anymore, because your head will start to hurt and you'll have to take it down.
You wish you had a swimming pool.
You wonder if you will ever end up getting married.
You wonder if you will ever end up having kids.
You hate how clutter accumulates so quickly and easily.
Life with chronic illness is hard.
....but God is good! 👍
Your teeth have moved since you got your braces off.
You're wearing a mask in your current Facebook profile picture. 😷
You're reading a book right now about a certain medical condition that you have.
.....and it's interesting, but also kind of boring.
Lately, you've been feeling your best in the evenings, and you don't know why.
You haven't slept under the stars at all this year. ✨
You've been finding a lot of bugs in your home lately.
Small spiders don't scare you at all, but big ones do.
You now have to wear a mask whenever you walk outside. 😷
....because of your allergies. 🤧
You're barefoot. 🦶
The last sports bra you wore was lime green.
You've been learning more about a health issue that you have lately.
You enjoyed this survey.
I hope you have a wonderful day! 💖