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About This Survey

Author: joybucket
Created: June 6, 2023
Taken: 8 times
Rated: G

Which chronic illness emoji are you? pt. 2! ♿️❤️‍🩹⚠️

Created by joybucket and taken 8 times on Bzoink
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🏥 Hospital 🏥
You've spent a lot of time in the hospital. 🏥
You've visited a sick friend or family member in the hospital.
You want a career that involves helping people.
People often come to you with their problems.
You don't have a very good reputation in your town.
You've given someone a pair of socks as a gift. 🧦
You enjoy helping people.
You feel like your chronic illness has taken over your life.
Seeing blood and guts doesn't make you queasy. 🩸
You are able to stay calm in emergency situations.
👚 Tee Shirt 👚
You spend a lot of time wearing t-shirts.
You own a t-shirt with the name of a health issue you have on it.
You're wearing a t-shirt right now.
You need to do laundry soon. 🧺
You climbed inside of a laundry basket or laundry hamper as a kid. 🧺
You consider yourself a very practical person.
You have some wrinkles, but you don't mind.
You take an iron supplement.
You're often paired with jeans. 👖
You often wear the same shirt for days.
📚 Books 📖
You like to read.
You've either written a book OR you want to write a book someday.
There is a book sitting next to you right now. 📕
Within the past 24 hours, you've read a chapter in a book.
You've read a book to learn more about a particular health issue that you have.
Your life is very complex, and it has included a lot of drama, chaos, and adventure.
When it comes to getting to know someone new for the first time, you're an open book. 📖
You have words tattooed on your body.
You're currently wearing something that has words on it.
You prefer books to movies. 📕
💸 Money with Wings 💸
Your chronic illness has cost you a lot of money.
You've had to pay for a lot of medicine out-of-pocket that your insurance wouldn't cover. 💊
You've had to turn down a medication that you needed or a doctor's visit or procedure that you needed, because you couldn't afford it.
You are unable to work because of your chronic illness.
There's a certain medication that you need but can't afford. 💊
You hardly ever have any money.
You have hardly any money in your savings account.
You or someone else has started a GoFundMe campaign to raise money for a surgery or a procedure you need/needed.
You wish money grew on trees. 🌳💵
You've stayed home from the hospital at a time when you probably should have gone, because you were worried about the cost.
📺 Television 🖥️
You watch a lot of TV.
You have at least one favorite TV show that you never miss an episode of.
You watch a lot of movies. 🍿
You've spent a lot of time watching TV since you became chronically ill.
You often quote your favorite movie or TV characters.
You love to entertain other people and make them laugh. 😂
Your dream job would be a career in the entertainment industry.
You always make sure to keep up-to-date with the latest news.
You are rarely ever bored, because you can easily find ways to pass the time and to keep yourself entertained when you need to.
You have a YouTube channel that you regularly upload videos on.
😴 Sleepyhead 😴
You've slept for days on end.
You spend a lot of time sleeping, probably more than the average person.
You hate it when you sleep in until noon, even though you do it often.
You've fallen asleep at school or work.
You've taken a medication that made you sleep a lot.
You're always tired.
You've caught yourself snoring. 💤
You write your dreams down in a dream journal so you'll remember them.
You take more than one medication that says "may cause drowsiness" as a side effect.
You regularly take a medication that makes you feel sleepy as a side effect. 💊
💉 Syringe 💉
You have to use a syringe to regularly give yourself shots.
You are able to get blood drawn without feeling queasy, lightheaded, or nauseous.
You often poke people.
It seems like you've spent a lot of time at the lab getting blood drawn. 🩸
You've had an IV stuck in your arm at the hospital many times.
They often have trouble finding your vein and have to poke you many times before they find it.
You've been given medication through an IV.
You are able to administer your own medication through an IV port.
You've considered working as a lab tech.
You've donated blood. 🩸
❤️‍🩹 Bandaged Heart ❤️‍🩹
You're recovering from a broken heart. 💔
You've lost someone very near and dear to you.
You were going through a hard time even before you ever found out you had a chronic illness.
You were grieving a loss at the same time you began having physical symptoms.
You're wounded. 😞
You believe that you are in the process of healing from past trauma.
Losing family and friends has been heartbreaking for you.
You grieve the life you once had before you became chronically ill.
You feel you've lived past your limits of endurance.
You miss the life you used to have.
♿️ Wheelchair Symbol ♿️
You own and use a wheelchair. 🦽
You use handicap parking.
You're very thankful for your wheelchair and how it helps you get around.
You wish people understood that some handicapped people need to use wheelchairs, and some don't.
Your favorite color is blue. 💙
You're wearing something blue right now.
When you draw people, you usually draw stick figures.
You're very thankful when a business has a wheelchair ramp outside their building.
You've drawn a picture of someone in a wheelchair.
You have days when your chronic illness prevents you from being able to walk.
⚠️ Warning Sign ⚠️
You've had many near-death experiences.
You've performed a lot of dangerous stunts.
You carry emergency medication with you wherever you go.
You've accidentally overworked yourself many times, and then your symptoms were flaring for the next week.
You are battling a life-threatening illness.
You are hypersensitive and have experienced a ton of dangerous medication side effects. 💊
You are always alert and quick to warn others of danger.
You've been accused of being anxious or paranoid.
You're deathly allergic to something.
You've had a life-threatening allergic reaction.
Which chronic illness emoji are you according to this survey?
Are you happy with your result?
Do you like that emoji?
Have you ever used that emoji before?
What are three ways in which you resemble that emoji?
....and what are three ways in which you don't?
Do you have a chronic illness?
If applicable, what is something you wish people understood about your chronic illness?
What is something rude someone has said to you in regards to your chronic illness?
How many medications do you take that start with a Z? 💊
When was the last time you wore a mask? 😷
Did you sleep well last night?
Do you sleep well on most nights?
What is your favorite emoji among the ones on this survey?
What is your most used emoji among the ones on this survey?
What are some of the first things you think of when you think of the hospital in your neighborhood? 🏥
Were you scared of getting shots as a kid? 💉
Do you have any friends in real life that are struggling with the same health issues as you?
What are three positive things having a chronic illness has taught you?
What is one thing that you wish you hadn't taken for granted before you got sick?
Have you made any Pinterest boards dedicated to a health issue you have?
What have you done to spread awareness about your chronic illness?
What are the main symptoms you experience on a daily basis?
Does your chronic illness come with any embarrassing symptoms you often don't tell people about, and if so, what are they?
What are three of your favorite things to do when resting during a flare?
How many people in your life know that you are sick?
Have you told many people about your health issues? Why or why not?
Which have you dealt with more: mental health issues or physical health issues?
And last but not least, did you enjoy this survey?
I hope you have a wonderful, happy, healthy, pain-free day! 💃