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About This Survey

Author: joybucket
Created: May 25, 2023
Taken: 10 times
Rated: G

Are you like me right now? [5-25-23]

Created by joybucket and taken 10 times on Bzoink
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You're wearing a blue shirt.
You're wearing a pair of Disney pajama pants.
You're on your period, and you feel awful.
You haven't gone outside at all for the past two days.
You recently attended someone's birthday party. šŸ„³
....but you didn't eat any cake. šŸŽ‚
You recently met someone new who was very chatty and very friendly.
You avoid taking showers or baths when on your period, because the water will make your whole body stay hot for the rest of the day. šŸ„µ
You keep going back and forth between having cramps and having a migraine or headache.
Someone knocked on your door today. šŸšŖāœŠ
....and you answered it.
....and it was your neighbor inviting you over for dinner.
....but you declined and said you didn't feel good today.
Your hair really needs to be washed, but it will have to wait.
You need to do laundry soon, but that'll have to wait, too.
You recently went to the pharmacy to have a prescription filled, and the pharmacist told you they were completely out of that medication and that you'd have to wait until they got more the next day. šŸ’Š
You recently had a doctor's appointment.
Your last doctor's appointment was very brief.
There is hardly any food in your fridge.
There is hardly any food in your freezer.
You're actually out of macaroni and cheese.
You have to take double the amount of medications you normally take when you're on your period.
You just got done reading a book about a health condition that you have.
You wonder how rare a certain condition that you have actually is.
You've been enjoying taking photos of flowers lately and then editing them on your computer. šŸŒ·
You really enjoy photography and think it would be fun to be a photographer for a living. šŸ“ø
You haven't traveled out of town at all yet this year.
You're thinking of maybe going to Goodwill soon.
You recently watched a YouTube video made by someone who had one of the same chronic illnesses you have.
You recently were asked by a stranger to sign a petition.
....and it was about something you agree with, so you signed it.
You recently upload some new photos to Facebook.
You recently changed your Facebook profile picture.
You really like your current Facebook profile picture.
Your spring allergies have been really bad this year. šŸ¤§
You're definitely allergic to lavender.
You're allergic to tree pollen, grass pollen, and ragweed pollen.
You like the color lavender, but you like the color orchid even more.
You don't really like the word "orchid" and think they should have chosen a prettier sounding word.
...but you do love the color orchid.
....and also the flower orchid.
Peonies are so beautiful!
You enjoy watching the show "I Didn't Know I Was Pregnant." šŸ¤°
You love the flower bleeding hearts.
You're reading more than one book right now.
You have a library book you're really looking forward to reading soon.
You believe in miracles. āœØ
....and are expecting to see one soon. :)
You wonder why so many people struggle with grammar, when it has always been easy and come naturally for you.
You've let go of your dreams, but you want to pick a few of them back up again.
There are a lot of friends you've lost touch with.
Your brother is starting to lose his hair.
You have coral nail polish on.
The last cardigan you wore was aqua.
You're wearing a mask in your Facebook profile picture. šŸ˜·
You wish you could see some of your family members more often.
You're hesitant to tell people what you are going through right now, because you fear they won't believe you, because it sounds so far-fetched and bizarre.
....and it would really hurt your feelings if you told one of your friends and they didn't believe you.
You had a yellow lab jump on you the other day.
You're happy to finally be making some friends [that don't only live inside of your computer].
Your period actually started right on time this month.
You can see a fuzzy pink throw pillow from where you're sitting right now.
You're barefoot. šŸ¦¶
You often have drastic body temperature fluctuations; meaning, you go back and forth from being blazing hot šŸ„µ and freezing cold šŸ„¶, sometimes multiple times a day.
You don't feel safe walking around the block anymore.
You have trust issues.
You can type fast, and you enjoy typing. šŸ’¬
You'd don't plan to ever have kids.
You have an elderly neighbor who seems to be slowly losing her mind.
You wish the place you lived had a swimming pool.
You enjoyed this survey.
I hope you have a wonderful day! šŸ©·