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Author: joybucket
Created: May 21, 2023
Taken: 9 times
Rated: G

Relatable Posts for the Chronically Ill 3! [True or False]

Created by joybucket and taken 9 times on Bzoink
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Put an X by the secrets to which you feel you can relate, and always know that if you're struggling, you're not alone! 🩷
It feels like having the flu all the time. -Linnie Lin
I feel like an alien on a planet where I don't belong. 👽 -Yolanda Smith
It feels like you've lifted a car off someone all day every day. 🚗 -Melissa Conder
You cannot trust your body to do what it is supposed to do. -Emma Stathopoulos
The hair on my skin hurts. -Mary Carlson
You feel like you are constantly disappointing people because you have to cancel plans. -Lisa Allison
A 3 on a pain scale of 1-10 is a good day. -Laurie Bohanan
I may look weak, but I assure you, I am stronger than you could ever imagine.
Today I'm as useless as the "g" in lasagna.
You know you have EDS when...you have days when moving is NOT an option.
You know you have POTS when...you make a cup of tea and your heart thinks you have run a marathon. ☕️
I forgot something, but I can't remember what I forgot.
Oh, wow, I had such a great day today. Which means tomorrow I will suffer.
When you sit in an uncomfortable position and then somebody wants to throw up because it looks so abnormal.
Skin of a newborn, joints of an 80-year-old woman.
I am what a person with an invisible illness looks like.
My chronic illness is more real than your imaginary medical expertise.
Inside every chronically ill person is a healthy person wondering what on earth happened to them.
We struggle to do the very simplest daily tasks and feel guilty that most of what needs doing won't even get started.
We are not faking it or being lazy; often we make ourselves worse by trying to hide our illness and carry on with life pretending we are healthy.
Just because we did something yesterday doesn't mean that we'll be able to manage it today.
The question "How are you feeling?" is the most difficult question for us as we can't remember what it feels like to be "normal" and not in pain.
It hurts more than you can imagine to have to say no to the things we want to do but can't manage because of our illness.
We do things at pain levels others wouldn't even consider moving at because if we don't we won't have a life.
"I believe you" are the most powerful words you can say to someone with an invisible illness.
I may look great on the outside, but I'm falling apart on the inside.
I'm not ashamed of my illness.
I feel like I'm a burden to those I love and care about.
Sick of crying, tired of trying, yes I'm smiling, but inside I'm dying.
Chronic illness doesn't define us. God does.
I'm now in a strange world as an extravert who acts like an introvert, because of chronic illness.
Having a chronic illness can make you feel inadequate, like you're not good enough.
You are worthy of love because you are a human.
When no one else is there, God is.
Many think suffering is the worst thing that can happen to you and happiness is the best thing that can happen to you. But after living with a chronic illness, I discovered that separation from God is the worst and unity with God is the best.
What was meant for evil, God uses for good.
If exhausted was a noun, it would be me.
She's strong but she's exhausted. -r.h. Sin
Our brains are wired for connection, but trauma rewrites them for protection. That's why healthy relationships are difficult for wounded people. -Ryan North
While my disease is not life-threatening, it's life-encompassing.
My house is messy because I'm too sick to clean most of the time.
I constantly worry I will develop a new symptom or a new illness that will take away more of my time and energy.
I'm still me inside. I'm still outgoing. I'm still fun. It's just hidden and marred by this invisible illness.
I go many days without taking a shower or changing my clothes or sometimes even brushing my teeth.
I'm not sure if I'm starting to feel better or if I'm getting used to feeling like 💩.
You or others may have noticed your running gait is different that other kids because of how EDS affects your joints. 🏃‍♀️
I was always extremely flexible as a child, even more so than other children my age. -Grace S.
Yes, I may be able to do that. However, I'll likely need 3-4 days to recover.
Having multiple illnesses is a full-time job you never get a break from. -Amelia H.
You never know what to expect. What's going to happen next? How will I feel later today? Will I be able to walk tomorrow? -Rebecca J.
Don't rush your healing, don't pretend to be ok when you're not, and don't apologize for being broken.
Throwback Thursday reminds me of when I only had to take one type of medication. 💊
It's ok to not be ok, as long as you're not giving up.
You know you have hit your lowest point of having a chronic illness when you start procrastinating your showers. 🚿
Temperature intolerance. I swear it takes nothing to make me sweat or to feel frozen to my core. -Samantha M.
One of the most embarrassing things for me is my tendency to have seemingly "random" falls. -Melissa H.
Most of the time I get sick after meals, even though I'm very careful about food. -Lauren N.
My fingers randomly split open and bleed. -Christa R.
The inability to stand for a long time is the most difficult. -Saylor A.
Ehlers Danlos Syndrome is painful, all. the. time.
If you look 10 years younger but feel 20 years older, you might be a zebra. 🦓 #EDS #EDSAwareness
This is not the life I ordered.
If you avoid new doctors because your medical history is exhausting, you might be a zebra. 🦓
If your joints go out more than you do, you might be a zebra. 🦓
The biggest miracles can come at the most random times. -Michelle Auerbach
My immune system attacks itself. What does yours do?
When you're first diagnosed, there's a period of mourning.
Accepting change is the hardest part.
My body image has changed so much throughout my illness. -Brooke Bogdan
I didn't want to be different. I wanted to fit in. Because of that, I hid my chronic illness as much as I could.
As a blind person, your ears are your eyes.
No matter how strong you are, ignorant comments still hurt.
Illness can dash your dream of starting a family of your own.
I don't work, I don't have kids, and I'm sitting back watching all my friends become established in their careers and start families. -MarlaJan DeFusco
"You've had a rough couple of days, huh?" "Try years."
I'm not lazy....I'm flaring.
I worry no one will want to be with me because I am "broken."
I live in a constant state of fear that I won't be good enough for anyone.
I find it difficult to trust.
I worry that because of my illnesses, people don't look at me romantically.
I worry no guy will want to live this life with me.
Getting lost while driving to familiar places. This symptom is scary.
I constantly wander around my apartment in a daze, because I literally have no clue what I'm supposed to be doing.
I hate that my life is passing me by while I'm in a daze, unable to be fully present with people I love and experiences I want to savor.
You can be fine one minute and be in good conversation, and then it hits you like a bolt...you can't remember what you were talking about.
Skipping whole chunks of a day in a blur, then having completely lucid and efficient thinking another day, then being exhausted and foggy at night again.
Forgetting your list of things not to forget when going out.
I had a great answer, but I forgot what it was by the time I went to type it out.
It never occurred to me that one day I'd wake up sick and never get better.
Bedtime: the most anticipated part of the day since breakfast. 🛌
Lupus slows me down, but it ain't stoppin' me!
Steroids are my frenemy. 💊
When you have a chronic illness, getting up every morning is a victory.
Washing laundry- a must. Drying- understandable. But putting it all away is simply taking things a bit too far.
'What can I do to help? Could I come over and vacuum, or clean your house? Could I bring you a meal once a week?" Those things are what I wish for. -Susie W.
I wish someone would say, "You aren't a burden. You have a right to simply exist, without needless judgment or shame." -Andrea W.
I feel deserted by friends, family, and my government. Literally don't know where to turn. That's my scary. -Jim R.
If you don't make time for your wellness, you will be forced to make time for your illness.
Sometimes it takes me all day to get nothing done. 😩
🩷 I hope you have a wonderful, symptom-free day! 🩷