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Author: brelee
Created: March 29, 2023
Taken: 25 times
Rated: G

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March 28-29th. are we alike?

Created by brelee and taken 25 times on Bzoink
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You went to a concert. 💙
You met one of your favorite artists. 😭
You talked to quite a few people.
You danced a lot.
You're a little hoarse.
You got an autograph.
You haven't eaten enough.
You have a headache.
You made some tea.
You drank a latte this morning.
You slept a lot today.
You stayed awake til 3am last night.
You woke up at 8am.
You're going to order a pizza.
You need to buy some groceries.
You need to pick up a book from the library.
.. and return 1.
Your allergies have been mild, thankfully.
Your anxiety has been more mild than usual.
You've been having a lot of stomach issues.
You wore grey shorts.
.. white tank top.
.. light blue top.
.. black and grey pants.
.. black boots.
.. and black socks.
You kept your hair up most of the time.
It's currently down though.
You brushed your hair.
.. you just need to wash it now.
You've been listening to music some today.
You discovered a new band you really like. (beatnik bandits)
You're hoping to start reading more if you get the time.
You are trying to reduce your screen time.
You have been wrapped up in a blanket most of today.
You feel very tired.
You got told you don't look over 20.
You got a lot of attention on one of your social media posts.
You've spent some time on Pinterest.
.. and Facebook.
Your cat scratched you a couple times.
Your pets have been a little unruly.
You are starting to feel hungry.
You've only eaten noodles in the past 24 hours.
You have been staying hydrated though.
You are gonna try to go to bed early.
You've had to take a lot of antacids recently.
You're hooked on zero sugar mountain dew.
You made out a grocery list.
You can't believe this month is almost over.
You have to pick up a prescription soon.
You need to take out the garbage.