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Author: joybucket
Created: March 26, 2023
Taken: 13 times
Rated: G

Are you like me right now? [3-26-23]

Created by joybucket and taken 13 times on Bzoink
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You're in your pajamas.
You've had a headache today.
You're hoping to feel better tomorrow than you have today.
Your hands are very dry and sore right now.
You've stayed in your pajamas all day.
You have a window cracked open right now in the room you're in.
You've been listening to the rain fall. šŸŒ§ļø
It's not raining at the moment, but it was just a little bit ago.
You can hear water dripping outside right now. šŸ’§
You're thinking of taking some time away from your computer soon, since you've been spending a lot of time on it lately.
The book you are reading right now is really making you think.
Your Pinterest boards are way too cluttered.
You don't have any music playing at the moment.
You hope that it's nice enough for you to go for a walk tomorrow.
.....and also that your physical health will allow you to go for a walk tomorrow.
You wonder what your neighbors have been up to lately, since you haven't chatted with them in awhile.
You're thinking of calling your mom soon.
You don't post on Facebook nearly as much as you used to.
You slept in this morning a little bit.
You're hoping for a warm and sunny day tomorrow. ā˜€ļø
You're planning to buy some new reusable grocery bags the next time you go to the store.
....because the handle on one of the ones you normally use broke.
Your allergies have been flaring today. šŸ¤§
You haven't felt good today, and you haven't been exactly sure why.
You've felt nauseous off and on today.
The next time you feel up to it, you'd like to get dressed up and wear makeup and take some pictures for Facebook just for fun.
...because that's something you used to love doing, and you haven't done it in awhile.
It doesn't seem like you have hardly any good hair days anymore, so you're happy when you do have one.
You wonder if you've taken too much medication today, but you aren't sure. šŸ’Š
You're way behind on cleaning.
You have clothes that need to be put away.
Your bed is currently covered in too many things for you to be able to sleep on it.
You've been sleeping in the living room, but you think you'd like to start sleeping in your bedroom again soon.
You were blowing your nose a lot earlier. šŸ¤§
You haven't cooked anything on the stove in awhile.
Lately, you've felt the most focused in the evenings.
....and you hate it, because you want to feel more focused earlier in the day.
You felt like you had a fever earlier.
....but you didn't actually take your temperature, because you couldn't find your thermometer.
You can see a pink pillow from where you're sitting right now.
You've been journaling a lot lately.
You're sitting under a plaid blanket.
You're starting to get sleepy. šŸ„±
You have a lot of regrets.
You're hoping a certain person will still like you once they get to know you.