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Author: brelee
Created: March 25, 2023
Taken: 18 times
Rated: G

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March 25th. are we alike?

Created by brelee and taken 18 times on Bzoink
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You woke up early.
You cleaned the house a little bit.
You went to Dunkin.
You drank way too much caffeine today.
You went out to eat with "friends".
You ended up eating way too much.
You had some mashed potatoes.
.. mac and cheese
.. lima beans
.. pinto beans
.. rolls
.. cornbread
.. peach cobbler
.. vanilla ice cream
You ate breakfast for once this morning.
You ate a biscuit.
You feel like you're getting ready to start your period.
You've been having bad cramps.
and a headache.
You have been having a lot of food cravings.
mostly bread though.
You wore black pants.
a grey tshirt.
a black long sleeve top.
black sneakers.
You read part of a book.
You listened to music for awhile.
You haven't watched anything on tv.
You took a short nap.
You cuddled with a pet.
You went outside for awhile.
You went for a short walk.
It's been hot where you live so you turned the AC on.
You had to pick up debris from a storm that happened last night.
You couldn't sleep from hearing the wind blowing stuff around last night.
You put away some laundry.
You found a pair of leggings you thought you lost.
You thought about making some lemonade.
You're currently on the couch under a blanket.
You hope to sleep better tonight.
You have a busy next couple of days you're not looking forward to.
You're going to a concert next week.
You have 0 idea what to wear to events like that.
Your sensory issues have been so bad recently.
You had to pick up stuff for your pets from the store today.
You were more social today than usual.
Your allergies have been more tame than usual.
Mentally, you had a better day than usual.
You've been getting random leg cramps.
You are feeling very sleepy.