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Author: joybucket
Created: March 25, 2023
Taken: 11 times
Rated: G

Are you like me right now? [3-25-23]

Created by joybucket and taken 11 times on Bzoink
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You've stayed in all day today.
You don't feel your best today.
You're going through medication withdrawals still. 💊
You're wearing pink pajamas.
You're wearing something with cute little animal faces on it.
You weren't wearing makeup in the last selfie you took.
You washed your hair yesterday. 🧖‍♀️🚿
You relaxed in a hot bath yesterday. 🛀
You took a few selfies yesterday.
Your bra size is bigger than it used to be.
....and you like that.
....but you also don't like that most of your bras don't fit you anymore, and you only have a few that do.
You're not exactly sure why your bra size is bigger than it used to be.
Your fridge is making a weird and annoying sound right now.
You ate a salad today. 🥗
Your pupils have been dilated all day. 👁️
You wish it were sunny out, but it's not.
The last time you looked out the window, you saw that it was snowing. 🌨️
You're wearing striped socks.
You wish you had somewhere to go to church tomorrow, but you don't. ⛪️
There's something you've been putting off a little, because you're hesitant to start.
The last thing you drank was mango-flavored. 🥭
You wore a magenta shirt yesterday.
You wore purple camouflage pants yesterday.
You think one of your neighbors is going to be moving out soon, but you're not sure when.
From where you're sitting right now, you can see something bright orange.
You're craving chocolate, but you don't have any. 🍫
You bought a new reusable grocery bag yesterday.
You've watched the Hallelujah Roll Call TikTok videos, and you think they're pretty funny. 😂
God has been speaking to you a lot. ❤️
You wish your body temperature didn't fluctuate so much.
...because you often go back and forth from feeling hot and cold.
You're lonely.
You have a bit of a headache. 🤕
You haven't been able to exercise much lately, because exercise makes you feel crampy.
....and you think you've been having ovarian cyst ruptures, since you've been having pain on your ovary, too.
You don't feel that great today, but you know it's because the medication withdrawals you're experiencing.
You feel like these withdrawals are lasting way too long.
You wish Prednisone withdrawals didn't last for so long.
You're frustrated with a couple of your doctors.
You don't feel as confident as you did yesterday.
...but you know you'll feel better in a few days, at least.
You really wish you could take a bite of a chocolate bar right now. 🍫
...or a marshmallow-filled chocolate Easter egg.
You're having trouble keeping track of your medications, because you take so many.
Ice cream sounds good right now. 🍨
You're yawning right now. 🥱
The current journal you're using is a seafoam green.
You love God. 💜
You're about to go eat something.
You're wearing something that has a pink button on it.
Your glasses are purple.
You can see a stuffed animal from where you're sitting right now.
....and you can also see a pillow that says "hello" on it.
....and a brown purse that has fringe on it.
....and a framed picture of you and some friends in high school.
...and a heating pad.
....and some Christmas stuff that still needs to be put away.
...and a lime green storage bin.
....and a plaid blanket.
You're hoping that you will feel better tomorrow.
Your gastroparesis is flaring.
...but your allergies have actually been doing a little bit better lately.
You enjoyed a cup of tea today. ☕️
....for the first time in a long time.