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About This Survey

Author: joybucket
Created: March 22, 2023
Taken: 12 times
Rated: G

Are you like me right now? [3-22-23]

Created by joybucket and taken 12 times on Bzoink
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You've stayed in your pajamas all day.
You've wearing a blue hoodie.
....specifically, it's light turquoise blue.
You love the color of the pants you're wearing right now; you think it's so pretty.
...and the pants you're wearing are orchid.
You're wearing fuzzy pajama pants.
...and they have colorful cute little porcupines on them.
You've stayed inside all day today.
You've had pain on your ovary today.
You keep on having ovarian cyst ruptures.
....or at least, that's what you assume you're having, but you're not completely certain.
You've been taking more medication than your doctor wants you to take.
....but you can't help it; you do it because you have to.
You're going through withdrawals of a medication right now.
....but thankfully, you don't feel as bad as you would normally feel at this time.
You spent some time reading a novel today, and you really enjoyed it. 📖
You can hear rain falling right now. 🌧️
You've been enjoying listening to the rain fall.
It's been rainy and cloudy all day today.
You think you just heard some light thunder.
You called your mom.
...but you were only able to talk briefly, because she had to go.
You debated going to visit a neighbor, but didn't.
You debated washing your hair, but didn't.
The outfit you are wearing right now is super comfortable.
You've been writing in cursive lately.
You spent some time on Pinterest.
You watched some Instagram Reels on your phone. 📱
Your hair is tangled and needs to be washed and combed soon.
You got on Facebook briefly.
You made a survey.
You wrote in a journal. 📔
You're on a laptop right now. 💻
You haven't uploaded any photos to Instagram in awhile.
You're starting to get tired. 🥱
You ate some ice cream today. 🍨
You drank some guava nectar.
You ate a quesadilla.
You ate some scrambled eggs.
You noticed you're looking very pale.
You noticed your pupils were dilated.
You have two different books you're in the middle of reading right now.
Even though you're enjoying the novel you're reading, it's bringing back some painful memories.
You've felt melancholy today.
You felt bored earlier.
You're pretty sure you overheard someone say your name earlier.
You're hoping to make a new friend soon.
You wished someone a happy birthday on Facebook. 🥳
You sang along to a song you liked.
You're wearing a hoodie you've had since high school.
You're hoping a certain person will still like you when they find out you're not normal.
You've felt encouraged recently by a book you've been reading.
You enjoyed sitting in the sun for awhile yesterday. ☀️
Today was ok, but you're hoping for a better day tomorrow.
You feel like this day went by way too fast.