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Author: brelee
Created: March 18, 2023
Taken: 12 times
Rated: G

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March 17-18th 2023. Are we alike?

Created by brelee and taken 12 times on Bzoink
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You didn't wear green for St. Patricks Day
You forgot about it...
You haven't been getting enough sleep.
You went to the pharmacy.
You have forgotten to take some of your medications.
You got some things on sale at the grocery store.
You've been craving ice cream.
You had some chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream.
You also had a quesadilla.
.. and some pizza.
.. grilled cheese
.. corn
.. french silk pie
.. and have no idea what you want today
You wore black pants
.. black shorts
.. black sweatshirt
.. grey tank top
.. a beanie
.. black sneakers
.. and a mask while you were out in public
You have a vacation booked for july.
You honestly don't want to go on vacation.
You love staying home and don't like going anywhere you don't need to go.
You will get to see some family though.
You called your mother.
You found out your last living grandfather passed away.
You thought about contacting your father to be polite but you honestly cannot stand him.
You feel kinda sad you aren't close to your family.
You have been feeling lonely recently.
You went to the library.
You have a book you've been looking forward to reading.
You pulled an all nighter last night watching concert videos of your favorite artist.
You are hoping to get tickets to see one of your favorite artists but it seems impossible.
You've been spending a lot of time on tiktok.
You've been expecting some important mail.
You found an old pair of flip flops you forgot about.
You need to clean the house but have 0 energy.
Your hands have been itching a lot and fingers are swelling.
You think you may need to see your doctor but think you're overreacting.
Your sensory issues have been getting more intense.
You had a panic attack for the first time in awhile.
You think you're gonna nap most of the day.
You have been cuddling with one of your pets.
Your body temperature has been fluctuating.
You don't feel like cooking but you're hungry.
You have been snacking more than you've been eating meals.
Your ears feel stopped up again.
You're worried you'll get vertigo symptoms soon.
You need to pick up some dramamine.
You don't want to take benadryl but think you're gonna have to start.
Your eyes have been very itchy and watery.
You've been breaking out in rashes.
Your hair is extremely tangled.
You think you're gonna cut your hair so you don't have to deal with it.
You wish you could drive more.
You wish you had more money to get some things you want.
You're still thankful for all that you have though.
You are extremely blessed even though life is shitty at times.
You've been having very strange dreams.
You really need some sleep.