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About This Survey

Author: joybucket
Created: March 15, 2023
Taken: 17 times
Rated: G

Are you like me right now? [3-15-23]

Created by joybucket and taken 17 times on Bzoink
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You're wearing black pants.
You're wearing a magenta sweatshirt.
You had a doctor's appointment today.
Your hair is very tangled at the moment.
Your throat feels itchy and swollen, and you hate it.
You asked your doctor to prescribe more of a certain medication, and he said no. 💊
You had an EKG.
Your doctor thinks you are taking too much medication.
You scheduled an appointment with an OBGYN.
You enjoyed how the sun felt on your face earlier today. ☀️
Your stomach is kind of upset.
You're thinking of taking a bath. 🛀
You need to do laundry soon.
You got a phone call from the library saying they have a book on hold for you.
There is snow on the ground outside, but it is melting. ❄️
You just finished reading a good book.
Your phone is plugged in and charging.
You have a window cracked open right now.
You had to cross a busy street today to get where you were going.
...and you didn't like it.
Your doctor wants you to schedule an ultrasound.
You think you've been having ovarian cyst ruptures.
You're aware that today is the Ides of March, but you don't know a whole lot about it.
You signed your name on something today.
You went somewhere today that required you to wear a mask. 😷
You don't feel ready to be off Prednisone yet, but your doctor won't prescribe more.
You danced around your living room while listening to some upbeat music this morning.
Walking today made your allergy symptoms much worse.
You didn't want to walk anywhere today, but you had to.
You enjoyed writing in your journal earlier.
You can hear your neighbors talking right now.
You can hear water dripping right now. 💦
Sometimes, writing really helps you process your thoughts.
You have an appointment coming up with a specialist whom you really don't think is going to be able to help you.
Your phone just buzzed. 📱
You're cold. 🥶
You feel better than you did yesterday for some reason.
You're hoping to make a new friend soon.
God is good. 😊
You're constantly daydreaming about things that you wish would happen.
You don't really feel like you have a life right now.
You don't really feel like your life has even started yet.
The last mask you wore was white. 😷
You believe in the supernatural. ✨
You've had a supernatural experience recently.
You've recently read an article online.
You enjoyed this survey.
I hope you have a wonderful day! 💃