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Author: brelee
Created: March 13, 2023
Taken: 18 times
Rated: G

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March 13th 2023.. are we alike?

Created by brelee and taken 18 times on Bzoink
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You woke up from acid reflux. 🤮
It's been awhile since you last vomited.
Your throat was sore temporarily.
Your head has been hurting all day.
You almost took some pain pills but refrained.
You took extra allergy medication.
Your yard got mowed today and it's really messing with your allergies/sinuses.
You slept some today.
You finished watching one of your favorite shows. (You on Netflix)
You watched some episodes of your favorite cartoon online. (Dragon Tales)
You started watching a new show. (The Last of Us)
You have developed a crush on Pedro Pascal.
You made multiple new Pinterest boards today.
You have been very active on Pinterest lately.
You only listened to music a small amount today.
You drank 2 iced coffees today. (I definitely shouldn't have)
You didn't drink hardly any water.
You only ate a cheese quesadilla today.
.. but ordered pizza tonight with breadsticks.
You had to help an in law with something today.
You had to make a quick trip to the grocery store.
You bought cat food today.
.. and some pork chops. (for the husband, I'm vegetarian)
You have been craving ice cream.
You might give in and buy some chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream.
This time change has been extremely annoying to you.
You have to pick up some prescriptions this week and keep forgetting about it.
The only cleaning you've done today is putting away a few dishes.
You wish you had more energy.
You've spent a lot of time with your pets.
You found a shirt you thought you'd lost.
You wore a grey tshirt.
.. black shorts.
.. black pants.
.. green/pink long sleeve top.
.. a hat.
.. and black sneakers.
You admired the blooms on some trees in your yard.
You contemplated cutting all of your hair off today.
You're sick of your hair.
You wish you had the money to get a whole new hair style.
You cuddled with some stuffed animals today.
You stayed under a blanket most of the time you were home.
You went to bed much later than you wanted to.