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Author: joybucket
Created: February 8, 2023
Taken: 10 times
Rated: G

Are you like me right now? [2-8-23]

Created by joybucket and taken 10 times on Bzoink
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You have a low fever. 🤒
You just took your temperature. 🤒
You've had a low fever off and on since last November.
You have a doctor's appointment today.
You're currently in your pajamas.
You just listened to a really good song. 🎶
Your doctor didn't do what he said he was gonna do.
You've been having weird symptoms lately.
You've been feeling like your stomach is completely paralyzed.
Your stomach kinda hurts right now.
Your throat feels swollen somewhat right now.
You stopped taking birth control pills because of the side effects.
You've taken birth control pills for years.
....and you don't want to be on them anymore.
You've been feeling very weak lately.
You have a string of Christmas lights that mysteriously turns on and off by itself.
The lightbulbs in your home flicker a lot. 💡
There's someone you want to get to know more, and you're feeling a little shy about approaching them.
You have a window open even though it's below freezing outside.
....but you still feel hot. 🥵
You woke up around 2am this morning.
You love Jesus. ✝️
You're kind of irritated at your doctor.
No one really knows you....
....and you want to be known by someone.
You met someone very friendly and chatty when you were out and about yesterday.
You washed your hair yesterday.
You should probably go check the mail soon. 📬
You had a phone interview yesterday.
....and it was really quick and easy, which was unexpected.
You've been experiencing symptoms of high blood sugar lately.
....and you find it annoying.
The last library book you read wasn't very good.
You wonder why doctors want everyone to have anxiety so bad.
You wish you had a car. 🚘
You went to the pharmacy yesterday.
Your bother and sister-in-law both have a birthday on the same day. 🎂
...and it was last week.
Someone tried to guess your age yesterday.
....and they guessed incorrectly.
....To be specific, they were 17 years off. 😂
No one has ever guessed your age correctly except for your 85-year-old neighbor with dementia.
You wonder why your Christmas lights keep blinking on and off, because it's weird.
You haven't eaten fast food in a really long time.
You're lonely, but you're afraid to get to know someone.
You now feel the worst around the person whom you used to feel the best around.
You've been making an effort to exercise more lately.
...and you've been going for walks around your neighborhood.
You've been wondering what's up with your stomach.
Sometimes a section of your head will go completely numb.
You have a huge imagination. 💭
...and you wish more of the things you imagine would come true.
You believe there is hope for the future, even though in your life it has seemed like the worst usually does happen.
You feel like there's no point in going to your town's ER anymore, because the workers there don't do their jobs.
Your doctor tried to refer you to a specialist in another city, but you don't want to go.
...because you don't believe they're going to be able to help you.
You haven't made small talk with very many people since before this pandemic started, and you haven't missed it.
You wish people weren't so judgmental.
Your town is full of rich and snooty people.
...and it has a reputation for being racist.
....and you wish it weren't true, but it is.
You wish your home were cleaner.
...but you aren't able to clean it as much or as often as you'd like.
You have a secret that no one knows about.
...or, rather, it's not really a secret; you just don't have anyone you can tell.
You wish you could tell your family God healed you, but you know they wouldn't believe you.
You wish you could talk about God freely with othe people.
...but you don't have anyone in your life that you can trust right now.
...and you haven't for at least the last ten years.
You made a huge mistake nine years ago.
...and it still haunts you to this day.
Lately you've been wishing that your church hadn't closed down. ⛪️
....because you used to love worshiping there. 💃
You don't even trust your church friends.
You're considering reaching out to an old friend, but things are awkward between you now, and you don't know what to say.
Your doctor tried to prescribe a medication that costs $900, and your insurance won't cover it.
You miss your old church friends.
...and you haven't seen any of them in awhile.
....and you wonder how they are doing, but you doubt that they wonder that about you.
You wonder why your stomach hurts right now.
They didn't have your favorite type of salad at the grocery store the last time you went.
You didn't use to like Mexican food, but lately you've been finding you actually like some of it. 🌶️
You like Asian food, but you can't eat it anymore.
Your favorite cashier at the grocery store refers to you as "my little friend."
You've been feeling worn out, weary, and weak.
You wish people wouldn't judge you so much.
...because you think they'd like you if they actually got to know you.
I hope you have a wonderful day! 💃