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About This Survey

Author: joybucket
Created: February 2, 2023
Taken: 4 times
Rated: G

Which Catherine Mullins song are you? ✝️

Created by joybucket and taken 4 times on Bzoink
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🎤 Sing Like the Battle Is Over 💃
You've realized that if you feel lousy and know you're going to feel better in a few days, then you might as well live as if you're already happy now.
You're going through something hard right now.
You've realized that no matter what happens, you always have a reason to rejoice! 💃
....and you're so thankful for that!
You love to sing out loud when you're alone.
You love to dance around your living room. 💃
You're not afraid of what may happen to you in the days to come, because you know the battle has already been won.
You often feel ok and not ok at the same time.
You believe that life is a war between good and evil.
....and you believe that that war has already been won by Christ!
✨ He is Yahweh 🌙
You've made a list of names for God, just to see how many different names for God you could think of.
God has revealed himself in many different ways to you at different times.
You feel close to God in nature.
The Holy Spirit makes you happy and brings you peace.
.....and stirs up your passion, and rises up in you.
.....and fills up your hunger, giving you everything you need.
You've thought about how big and vast the universe is.
....and how awesome it is that God created it.
Off the top of your head, you can think of at least 10 different names for God.
You love God and think He is amazing!
🌟 Available 🤗
You've had someone tell you you look lost.
You're desperate for more of God.
You find it easy to tune all the other noise out and to listen for God.
You've had people ask you why God's kingdom is all you talk about.
An outsider would probably think your prayers and your praise seem outrageous and bold.
Sometimes your worship gets too big for one building to hold. ⛪️ 💃
You want the Holy Spirit to come and take over your city.
✝️ Jesus You're Beautiful 😍
You think Jesus is beautiful. 😍
You've had someone tell you that their eyes were burning when they looked at you. 🔥
You love it when God speaks to you.
God speaks to you often.
You don't care so much what you look like, because you're wrapped up in what He looks like!
You don't care so much what you look like now as you did when you were younger.
Worshiping Jesus is one of your favorite things in the world. 💃
You praise Jesus daily.
You love it when someone tells you you're beautiful. 😍
You're in love with God.
😍 All Over Again 💕
Every time you see another glimpse of who Jesus is, you fall in love all over again.
When you worship Jesus in church, you always wish the worship service would go longer, because you never want it to end. ⛪️
You've come to a place in worship where you felt like you could worship forever.
You're in love with Jesus.
You spend time with Jesus daily.
You've thought, "No wonder the angels cry holy 24/7!" or something similar.
You've been to a 24 hour worship service.
....and you would love to attend one again!
You're not shy about lifting your hands up in surrender to Jesus in church. ⛪️
You've encountered the love of God.
....and you want to again!
Jesus is the best thing that ever happened to you. ✝️
Worshiping Jesus is your favorite thing to do.
🍁 Draw Me 🌺
You like to run. 🏃‍♀️
....and you want to run with Jesus.
You want to be Spirit-filled and Spirit-led.
You love the feeling of wind on your skin.
You love being led by the Holy Spirit.
Sometimes you have trouble letting go of your past.
....but you know it's way past time to.
With God, you know it's time to go all the way.
You're letting go of yourself so that you may be filled with Him.
You want to be a disciple of Jesus more than anything in the world.
🩸 Wounded One ✝️
You realize that it's ok to be wounded, because Jesus was wounded, too.
You've worn a cross necklace. ✝️
You own something with a picture of a cross on it. ✝️
You're wounded.
You know that Jesus was fully God even when he was wounded and beaten, and you also realize that you are no less of a human even when you are wounded.
You're so grateful for what Jesus did for you on the cross.
You've been badly wounded in the past.
You'd be willing to die for Christ.
You've sang out, "Hallelujah!" to Jesus.
You don't think any less of other people when they are wounded; in fact, you love them and want to help them.
🎉 Sing Your Praises 💃
You've danced with banners, flags, silks, or fans in church. 💃
You've shouted in church.
In God's presence is your home.
You've led worship through dancing in church. 💃
You love to worship Jesus through dance. 💃
You want to join in the song that the angels sing. 😇
You believe you've seen, heard, or felt the presence of an angel. 😇
You believe that Jesus is great and greatly to be praised.
The rocks will not cry out before you do. 🪨 📣
You will sing praises to Jesus every single day of your life as long as you live.
💃 I Will Rejoice 🌊
You've been miraculously healed of something. ✨
You've swam in a river. 🌊
You know what "Emmanuel" means.
You live by the grace of God each and every day.
You're realized that no matter what happens, you always have a reason to rejoice! 💃
You've worshiped Jesus at a time when you really didn't feel like worshiping Jesus.
You will rejoice no matter what you are going through, because Jesus is worthy to be praised!
Jesus came and healed you, refreshed you, and washed your sins away!
The Holy Spirit makes you feel like dancing! 💃
Your depressed days are over!
🤗 We Want Revival Now 🔥
You've settled for too long.
...and now there's no more time to waste.
You feel like you've been spiritually dead or asleep. 😴
Full of faith, you will press on.
....and you're never going back!
You want to see revival come to your city. 🔥
....and you won't stop asking Jesus for it until it comes.
You want God to open up the heavens and pour His Spirit out on you.
You believe that God is who He says He is.
...and that He'll do what He says He'll do.
Which Catherine Mullins song are you according to this survey?
Are you happy with your result?
Have you heard that song before?
Do you like that song?
What are three ways in which you feel you can relate to that song?
...and what are three ways in which you can't?
What is your favorite Catherine Mullins song?
What is your favorite song among the ones on this survey?
Have you ever been to a live worship service led by Catherine Mullins?
Are you a Christian?
If yes, how long have you been a Christian?
How often do you worship Jesus? 💃
Have you ever led worship through dance? 💃
What is your favorite way to worship Jesus?
Have you ever felt the presence of God?
If yes, how often do you feel the presence of God?
What do you love the most about Jesus?
Which Catherine Mullins song(s), if any, do you think I should include next?
And last but not least, did you enjoy this survey?
💃 I hope you have a wonderful day! 💃