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About This Survey

Author: joybucket
Created: January 22, 2023
Taken: 20 times
Rated: G

Are you like me today? [1-22-23]

Created by joybucket and taken 20 times on Bzoink
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Your neighbor complimented you on your outfit.
You're wearing a magenta shirt.
You're wearing purple camouflage pants.
You're wearing a cheetah print mask. 😷 🐆
You're in the middle of doing laundry.
You visited with two of your neighbors for a little while.
You don't have any music on right now.
....but you did earlier.
You ran for an hour (or, pedaled for an hour...I pedaled indoors).
It was snowing a little bit earlier.
You folded clothes and put them away.
You did three loads of laundry.
You really like the way your hair looks today.
You're wearing purple slipper socks.
You painted your nails today. 💅
...and now they are rose gold.
Your outfits matches today.
You were wearing a different shirt earlier, but then you spilled something on it.
You've stayed inside all day today.
You feel more focused than usual today.
You turned down an invite to go out for pizza. 🍕
You listened to music from a playlist that you made on YouTube of your current favorite songs.
You hope you didn't overdo it with cleaning today.
...even though you didn't even do very much cleaning.
You're very thankful to be alive!
You feel kind of bored.
You're sitting in a comfy spot.
You microwaved something today.
You drank a mug of hot tea earlier. ☕️
....and it was Hot Cinnamon Spice Tea.
You've drank water today. 💦
You were wearing a teal shirt earlier.
You love the slipper socks you are wearing.
You think you might wash your hair tomorrow.
You thought about going to the grocery store earlier, but then you didn't.
You need to clean the kitchen soon.
You have an application you need to fill out soon.
You still have your Christmas tree up. 🎄
You've taken a survey before this one.
You've made a survey today.
You haven't posted in the forums yet today.
Today seems kind of dull and lifeless, but you're enjoying it nonetheless.
You read the Bible today. 📖
You've been reading through some of your old journals, and you find it interesting to see how much you've grown and matured over the years.
You sat in silence for awhile today, not thinking about anything, but just being present.
You haven't used your phone at all today. 📱
You feel kind of embarrassed to tell your neighbor what kind of music you listen to. 🎶
...because you think they might judge you for it, and you don't want them to.
It's super quiet where you live at the moment.
You read the newspaper for a bit earlier. 📰
...even though you hardly ever read the newspaper.
You worshiped Jesus today. ✝️
...but you didn't go to church. ⛪️
You accidentally spilled something on a few of your computer keys.
...and you hope that it didn't do any serious damage and that they still work!
You've taken Zofran today. 💊
You've taken Zyrtec today. 💊
You've used an inhaler today.
You've taken Pepcid today. 💊
You've taken Driminate (Walmart's version of Dramamine) today. 💊
The lightbulb in your bathroom was flickering earlier. 💡
You charged your camera battery.
You plan to write in a journal today, but you haven't yet. 📔 🖊️
You plan to read more today. 📖
You wonder why you don't feel happier right now.
You feel kind of tired and worn out.
...and you have all week.
You know you're probably anemic. 🩸
You hate having a severe dust mite allergy.
You're sitting in the living room.
You're very thankful for God's presence.
You love Jesus. ✝️
You daydream a lot, and you can't seem to help it...your mind just wanders.
You're proud of yourself for what you've accomplished today.
You have errands to run tomorrow.
You need to clean out your fridge.
So...are you like me right now?
I hope you have a wonderful day! 💃