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About This Survey

Author: joybucket
Created: November 26, 2022
Taken: 20 times
Rated: G

Words that start with SO [True or False]

Created by joybucket and taken 20 times on Bzoink
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You've worn a sombrero.
You like sombreros; you think they look cool.
You call pop "soda." 🥤
You're wearing socks. 🧦
You have a son. 👦
You like to drink soy milk. 🥛
You're allergic to soy.
You're sensitive to the estrogen in soy.
You like soy sauce.
You like the word "soliloquy."
You know someone who named her daughter Sophia or Sophie.
You've sang a solo in church.
You've read at least one of the Chicken Soup for the Soul books. 🥣
You like to eat chicken noodle soup when you're sick.
You like sour candy.
You've watched Sofie Dossi on YouTube.
You enjoy watching Sofie Dossi on YouTube.
You wish you could be contortionist like Sofie Dossi.
You live south of the equator. 🌍
You enjoy solving complex math equations.
You own a soccer ball. ⚽️
You enjoy playing soccer. ⚽️
Soccer is your favorite sport. ⚽️
You've been a goalie on a soccer team. 🥅
You like the name Sockie.
You're full of sorrow. 😭
You've eaten at Sonic.
You like to eat lemon sorbet. 🍋 🍨
You've always been a social butterfly. 🦋
You go on social media every day.
You played with toy soldiers when you were younger.
You like the name Soraya.
You have a "no soliciting" sign on your door. 🚪🪧
You enjoy singing soprano.
You feel you've found your soulmate.
You're worried you'll never find your soulmate.
In college, you were a member of a sorority.
You're currently in college and are a member of a sorority.
You've played Solitaire on your phone. 📱
You've played Solitaire on a computer. 💻
You've played Solitaire in real life, with a deck of cards. 🃏
You've written a song.
Someone has written a song for you.
You enjoy buying souvenirs when you're on vacation.
There is a souvenir magnet on your fridge from a vacation you went on.
You've never been to Soviet Russia. 🇷🇺
You find warm tea to be very soothing on a sore throat. ☕️
You did somersaults on the ground as a kid.
You've done a somersault in a swimming pool.
You usually order soft tacos when you go to Taco Bell. 🔔
You like soft tacos. 🌮
You're a high school sophomore.
You're a college sophomore.
You've read the book Soundless by Richelle Mead.
You're sophisticated.
You wish you could be more sophisticated.
You're sitting on a sofa. 🛋
You call a couch a "sofa." 🛋
You've recently sorted through some old photos.
You've been called a "sourpuss."
You've recently been a sourpuss.
You own a pair of Sony headphones. 🎧
You've seen a solar eclipse.
You practice sorcery. ✨
You've never practiced sorcery. ✨
You think it's very cute when a baby wears a Sorcerer Mickey costume.
You enjoy listening to songbirds.
You frequently drink soda. 🥤
You've tried to stop drinking soda, but you've had a hard time with it. 🥤
You're probably addicted to soda. 🥤
You enjoy watching soap operas.
Your mom got your name from a soap opera.
You own an article of clothing from the brand SO.
You have a sock drawer in your bedroom. 🧦
You've recently worn a new pair of socks. 🧦
You sometimes wear mismatched socks.
Sometimes you have stray socks and can't find their matches.
You've gone on a solo vacation.
You want to go on a solo vacation.
You wish your partner were sober more often.
You've met an Asian woman named Songlin.
You like the name Songlin.
You've thrown a sock at someone. 🧦
You own a pair of wool socks. 🧦
Sometimes in the winter, you wear two or three pairs of socks. 🧦
You've made a sock puppet.
You like to wear colorful socks.
You've been to prison and experienced solitary confinement.
You've never been to prison, but you think solitary confinement sounds horrible.
You've sold a painting that you made. 🖼
You've sold a car. 🚗
You've sold some of your old clothes at Plato's Closet. 👚
You've sold some of your old clothes at a garage sale.
You've sold some of your old toys at a garage sale.
You own a pair of SOFFE shorts.
You've sold some of your clothes online.
Your parents sold the house you grew up in.
You like foaming soap.
You enjoy this survey.
I hope your day is better than so-so! 💃