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About This Survey

Author: joybucket
Created: November 23, 2022
Taken: 14 times
Rated: PG

Words that end in OR [True or False]

Created by joybucket and taken 14 times on Bzoink
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At some point when you were a kid in school, you had a tutor.
You've worked as a tutor.
You've been friends with your supervisor at work.
You've had a supervisor at work that you hated.
You've worn a visor to keep the sun out of your eyes.
You own something from the brand Dior.
You've stumbled around in a drunken stupor.
You've met someone named Tudor.
You live in a manor.
You're on a computer with a cursor.
You like Bohemian home decor.
You enjoy watching DIY Room Decor videos on YouTube.
You've completed a DIY Room Decor project that you first saw on YouTube.
You've completed a DIY Room Decor project that you found on Pinterest.
You've met someone named Dior.
As a kid, you liked to color. 🖍
You've heard an untrue rumor about yourself.
You've taken your pet to the vet to get a tumor removed.
You've had a tumor removed, but it wasn't cancerous.
You've had a tumor removed, and it was cancerous.
You like the name Conor.
After you die, you want to be an organ donor.
You have an uncommon favorite color.
You've dated an actress or actor.
You're an actress or actor.
You want to be an actress or actor.
As a kid, you wanted to be an actress or actor. 💃
You've ran for mayor.
You know someone who has run for mayor.
You're a minor.
You know someone who was born on Labor Day.
You've gone on vacation during Labor Day weekend.
You've recently done someone a favor.
You enjoy doing random favors for people.
In a choir, you've sung tenor.
You've sung in a choir, but you're not a tenor.
You'd say you have a good sense of humor.
You've recently savored something.
You live and love to honor the Holy Spirit.
You've recently made an embarrassing error.
At Disney World, you've ridden on the Tower of Terror.
You're sitting on the floor.
You've recently seen something that filled you with terror.
You like to sit on the floor.
You frequently sit on the floor.
You've recently been to see the doctor. 👩‍⚕️🩺
You've considered becoming a doctor.
You want to become a doctor.
You're a doctor.
You have a doctor's appointment coming up soon.
You need to make an appointment to see the doctor.
You've missed a doctor's appointment and then had to call and reschedule.
You've met your favorite actress or actor.
You've written a letter to your favorite actress or actor.
You've made a fan page for your favorite actress or actor.
You've gotten an actor or actresses autograph. ✍️
In college, you had a Major and Minor.
You've ran for governor.
Jesus is your Lord and Savior. ✝️
You've worked at an ice cream parlor. 🍨
You live in a state, and you're happy with your state's current governor.
You've watched a meteor shower.
You often experience hand tremors.
One or more of your friends is a pastor. ⛪️
On one of the walls of the room you're in right now, there is a mirror. 🪞
Your write positive and encouraging notes to yourself on your mirror. 🪞
At some point in your life, you've wanted to be an author.
...and you still want to be an author.
You've met your favorite author.
You own a book that was autographed by your favorite author. ✍️
You've purchased something from a craft vendor.
You've worked at a liquor store.
You've hired a realtor.
You've worked as a realtor.
You think it would be fun to be an interior decorator.
You've worked as a janitor.
You've had a conversation with your school's janitor.
You've had a friend who turned out to be a traitor.
You're a chronic illness warrior.
You've recently had a visitor in your home.
You're expecting visitors soon.
You've driven a tractor. 🚜
You use a calculator to do simple math.
You don't like your incisors.
You own a pair of scissors. ✂️
You've had a neighbor you abhorred.
You've worked as a sculptor.
You've taken a lie detector test.
You've failed a lie detector test.
You like similes and metaphors.
You hate it when people act like they think they're superior.
You think you'd be terrified if you ever in person saw an alligator. 🐊
You're friends with a college professor. 👩‍🏫
You live near the equator.
You've been a Zumba or Jazzercise instructor.
You own a set of watercolor paints.
You have magnets on your refrigerator.
You've hired a private investigator. 🕵️‍♀️
You've had a misdemeanor.
You're a high school senior.
You're a college senior.
You're considered a senior citizen.
You're old enough to receive a senior discount.
You enjoyed this survey.
I hope you are filled with passion, vigor, and fervor! 💃