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Author: brelee
Created: October 6, 2022
Taken: 25 times
Rated: G

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Are we alike currently? (October 6th 2022)

Created by brelee and taken 25 times on Bzoink
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You washed your hair.
Your hair needs to be cut and dyed.
Your hair is mostly back to it's natural color.
You're wearing sweatpants.
You are wearing a grey t-shirt.
You need to go shopping for shoes soon.
You're very anxious about something.
You're looking forward to something.
You are currently broke out in pimples.
You just took your garbage out.
You've had coffee this morning.
You had a bagel for breakfast.
You woke up very early this morning.
You didn't get much sleep last night.
You're currently listening to music.
You're sitting on a couch.
You have multiple upcoming appointments this month.
You need to reschedule an upcoming appointment.
You have multiple plans to celebrate Halloween.
You are going to a pumpkin patch this weekend.
You still don't have a Halloween costume figured out.
You have too much laundry that needs to be put away.
You have a window open.
You are enjoying the weather change.
You have already started Christmas shopping.
You are putting off something very important.
You're thinking of volunteering at your local animal shelter.
You are hoping to get a car in the near future.
You haven't driven in a long time.
Your anxiety has been very bad recently.
You are starting to come out of a depressive episode.
You have to take multiple medications daily and you hate it.
You quit taking some important medications.
You're anxious about getting bloodwork done soon.
You've been gaining so much weight.
Your allergies seem to be getting better as it gets colder.
You want to visit the library soon.
You're trying to find a new hobby.
You've been overthinking lately.
You've been watching the news a lot lately.
You're going to start campaigning for a local election.
You despise your current political leaders.
You are trying to be more social.
You are in therapy and improving.
You are healing from multiple things.
You're proud of yourself for not giving up.
You are being more open about your feelings with family.
You are planning a trip to see your family soon.
You really need to start drinking more water.
You drink too much coffee/caffeine when you know you shouldn't.
You're looking for some good headphones to purchase.
You are currently awaiting a diagnosis for something.
You need to buy some nail polish.
You're wanting to put up more decorations.
You need to charge your phone.