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Author: joybucket
Created: September 25, 2022
Taken: 18 times
Rated: G

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True or False Using Every Emoji On My Keyboard! (Part 5)

Created by joybucket and taken 18 times on Bzoink
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There are hibiscus flowers out in front of your home. 🌚
You like to use the pink flower emoji. ðŸŒļ
You're wearing something yellow right now. 🌞
You like sunflowers. ðŸŒŧ
The sun is shining bright today where you are. 🌞
You wish the moon actually had a face on it. 🌝
You know someone with the middle name Moon.🌛
You own a crescent moon necklace. 🌜
You have a dark side, just like the moon. 🌚
You feel a sense of peace and calm when you look up at the moon. 🌕
You've wondered if your emotions correlate with the phases of the moon. 🌖
You believe that you have a spiritual connection with the moon. 🌗
You've wondered what it would be like to visit the moon. 🌘
You can't see the moon right now. 🌑
You think the moon's phases are interesting. 🌒
You've gone through a dark phase. 🌓
You hope your life will get bigger, better, and brighter soon. 🌔
You like crescent moons. 🌙
You live on Earth. 🌎
You've traveled to another continent. 🌍
You've lived on another continent. 🌏
If you were to invent a new planet, you'd put a ring on it. 🊐
You believe in magic. ðŸ’Ŧ
You often rate surveys. ⭐ïļ
You know what movie these song lyrics are from: "Shine bright/ shine far/ don't be shy/ you're a star/ Shine bright/ shine far/ you're a star...."🌟
You love to look up at the stars. âœĻ
You've been stuck by lightning. ⚡ïļ
You've seen a meteor shower. ☄ïļ
You've accidentally made something explode. ðŸ’Ĩ
You've watched a house burn to the ground. ðŸ”Ĩ
You've experienced destruction (whether big or small) from a tornado. 🌊
You think it's awesome that rainbows appear in the sky after it rains. 🌈
You enjoy sunny days. ☀ïļ
You always check the weather before you go outside. ðŸŒĪ
You think clouds are beautiful. ⛅ïļ
You've been hiding, just like the sun. ðŸŒĨ
It's cloudy out today where you are. ☁ïļ
You enjoy both sunny days and rainy days. ðŸŒĶ
You like to play in the rain. 🌧
You like thunderstorms. ⛈
You've seen a thunderstorm in the distance, and you thought it looked really cool. ðŸŒĐ
You like to play in the snow. ðŸŒĻ
You've made paper snowflakes. ❄ïļ
You've built a snowman. ☃ïļ
You've posted a picture of a snowman you made on social media. ⛄ïļ
You enjoy windy days. 🌎
You can hear the wind howling right now. ðŸ’Ļ
You mainly drink water.💧
You enjoy guzzling down cold water when you're really thirsty. ðŸ’Ķ
You've blown bubbles in the middle of winter. ðŸŦ§
You've used an umbrella at some point within the past year. ☔ïļ
Your umbrella is purple. ☂ïļ
You enjoy jumping the waves in the ocean. 🌊
You think the fog emoji looks more like a napkin. ðŸŒŦ
You can't remember when the last time you ate a green apple was. 🍏
You like to drink apple cider in the fall. 🍎
You've drawn or painted a picture of a pear. 🍐
You wish some oranges weren't so hard to peel. 🍊
You've worked at a lemonade stand. 🍋
You've slipped on a banana peel. 🍌
You wish watermelon wasn't so messy. 🍉
You like grapes. 🍇
Strawberries are delicious! 🍓
You only like blueberries in things, but not by themselves. ðŸŦ
You've chopped a melon. 🍈
You don't really like cherries. 🍒
You like peaches. 🍑
You've recently eaten something mango-flavored. ðŸĨ­
Pineapple is delicious! 🍍
You like coconut. ðŸĨĨ
You think kiwi tastes best when paired with strawberry. ðŸĨ
You usually take the tomatoes off your salads, because you don't really like them. 🍅
You're not really sure if you've ever had eggplant or not. 🍆
You've made guacamole with an avocado. ðŸĨ‘
You think broccoli tastes best cooked and mixed in things. ðŸĨĶ
You like kale. ðŸĨŽ
You've cut up a cucumber. ðŸĨ’
You like Mexican food. ðŸŒķ
...and you like to cut up peppers and put them on your food. ðŸŦ‘
You enjoy eating corn on the cob. ðŸŒ―
You've used a carrot as a snowman nose. ðŸĨ•
You think olives are disgusting. ðŸŦ’
You like garlic bread. 🧄
You've chopped an onion. 🧅
You like potatoes. ðŸĨ”
You've had yams, and they didn't look like this when you ate them. 🍠
...and you thought they were really good.
You've eaten a croissant at a cafe in Europe. ðŸĨ
You ate bagels for breakfast this morning. ðŸĨŊ
You've made your own bread. 🍞
You've worked at a place that served baguettes or breadsticks. ðŸĨ–
You don't really like pretzels. ðŸĨĻ
You like cheese. 🧀
You celebrate Easter. ðŸĨš
You own a frying pan. ðŸģ
There is a stick of butter in your fridge (or on the counter). 🧈
You like pancakes better than waffles. ðŸĨžðŸ§‡
You like bacon. ðŸĨ“
You're a meat eater. ðŸĨĐ
....but you still probably don't get enough protein. 🍖
You like bbq chicken wings. 🍗
You've given a dog a bone. ðŸĶī
You like to put mustard on your hot dogs. 🌭
You've gone to McDonald's within the past week. 🍔🍟
You like pizza. 🍕
You've recently eaten a tortilla. ðŸŦ“
You've had a job that required you to make sandwiches. ðŸĨŠ
You can't remember the last time you ate a pita sandwich. ðŸĨ™
You're not really sure what falafel is. 🧆
You like tacos. ðŸŒŪ
You know the difference between a burrito and a tamale. ðŸŒŊðŸŦ”
You like salads. ðŸĨ—
You had pancakes for breakfast this morning. ðŸĨ˜
You've cooked something on the stove within the past week. ðŸŦ•
You like tomato sauce. ðŸĨŦ
You've painted a Mason jar for a craft project.ðŸŦ™
You've recently eaten spaghetti. 🍝
You like soup. 🍜
The last thing you ate was steaming hot, and you had to wait for it to cool down. ðŸē
You like Asian food. 🍛
Sushi is yummy! ðŸĢ
You like sushi, but you don't eat it very often. ðŸą
You've had a caramel apple empanada from Taco Bell. ðŸĨŸ
...and you think they're yummy!
You think "the world is your oyster" is a kind of weird phrase. ðŸĶŠ
You like shrimp. ðŸĪ
You think this emoji looks more like an igloo than a ball of rice. 🍙
You've recently eaten white rice. 🍚
You think the rice cracker emoji looks weird. 🍘
You liked to draw swirly designs in the margins of your notebooks when you were in school. ðŸĨ
You've saved a fortune because you really liked it. ðŸĨ 
You don't know what a mooncake is. ðŸĨŪ
You like shish kabobs. ðŸĒ
The last thing you ate on a stick was a popsicle. ðŸĄ
You like ice cream better than snow cones. ðŸĻ🍧
You like soft-serve ice cream. ðŸĶ
You've baked a pie from scratch. ðŸĨ§
You think cupcakes taste too sweet. 🧁
You've baked a cake. 🍰
Your birthday is coming up within the next couple months. 🎂
You're not sure if you've ever eaten a dessert that looked like this. ðŸŪ
A lot of candy tastes way too sugary and artificial for you. 🍭
You've never really cared for gumballs. 🍎
Chocolate is really good. ðŸŦ
You'd choose a donut over a cookie. ðŸĐ🍊
You don't you've ever roasted chestnuts over an open fire. 🌰
....but you have sang about them.
You know someone who is allergic to peanuts. ðŸĨœ
You don't like beans. ðŸŦ˜
You like to sweeten your tea with honey. ðŸŊ
You don't normally buy milk. ðŸĨ›
You think this looks more like a net than a cup pouring liquid. ðŸŦ—
You've prepared a bottle for a baby. 🍞
You've poured tea from a teapot. ☕ïļðŸŦ–
You like green tea. ðŸĩ
You've drank a juicebox as an adult.🧃
You've recently drank a fountain soda.ðŸĨĪ
You're a frequent customer at a local coffee shop.🧋
You don't know what a "sake bottle and cup" is. ðŸķ
You like the taste of beer. 🍚
You don't like the taste of beer. ðŸŧ
You've been drunk. ðŸĨ‚
You like sangria. 🍷
You've taken a jello shot. ðŸĨƒ
You own a wine glass. ðŸļ
You this exotic drink emoji looks cool.ðŸđ
You've drank milk from a coconut. 🧉
You've served alcohol at work. ðŸū
You like to put ice in your drinks. 🧊
You've used a spoon recently. ðŸĨ„
You need to watch the dishes soon. ðŸī
You've had to set a table at work. ðŸ―
You ate cereal this morning for breakfast. ðŸĨĢ
You've gotten Chinese takeout recently. ðŸĨĄ
You know how to use chopsticks. ðŸĨĒ
You sprinkled salt on the last thing you ate. 🧂
You've played soccer on a team. âš―ïļ
You've lived in a house with a basketball hoop in the driveway. 🏀
You know how to throw a football properly. 🏈
You own an autographed baseball. âšūïļ