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Author: joybucket
Created: August 11, 2022
Taken: 20 times
Rated: G

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Survey of Books! 📚

Created by joybucket and taken 20 times on Bzoink
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📕 Yearbook 📕
Do you own any school yearbooks?
Were you ever on the yearbook staff?
Have you ever had one of your teachers sign your yearbook?
What year did you graduate high school? 👩‍🎓
What were your high school's colors?
📚 Book Series 📚
What is your favorite book series?
Do you prefer Harry Potter or Twilight? ✨🦉
Did you ever read the Harry Potter series?
Have you read the entire Anne of Green Gables book series?
Are you in the middle of a book series right now?
📒 Sketchbook ✍️
Do you keep a sketchbook?
When was the last time you sketched in your sketchbook?
Do you enjoy drawing? ✍️
What are three of the easiest things to draw, in your opinion?
...and what are three of the hardest?
🍲 Cookbook 📙
Do you own any cookbooks?
Do you own a recipe book?
What is your favorite food to cook?
Do you like to cook?
Have you ever had an accidental kitchen fire? 🔥🧯
✂️ 📗 Scrapbook 🔖 🏞
Have you ever made a scrapbook full of memories?
Do you enjoy scrapbooking?
What is your favorite arts and crafts supply store to shop at?
What are three of your favorite places that you've visited on vacation?
Do you enjoy taking pictures? 📸
📘 Diary 🔐
Do you see a diary?
...if so, when was the last time you wrote in it?
Do you have any secrets you are keeping from the world?
Do you have anyone that you are very close to that you can trust completely?
Have you ever read anyone's diary?
📖 Bible 📖
How many Bibles do you own?
Do you own an art journaling Bible?
Do you enjoy reading the Bible?
Have you ever read the entire Bible?
What is your favorite version of the Bible to read (if you have one)?
📓 Composition Notebook 📓
Do you own any black and white speckled composition books?
When was the last time you wrote in one?
Do you prefer college-ruled or wide-ruled paper?
Do you like to write? ✍️
Do you own a lot of notebooks?
📒 Spiral-Bound Notebook 📒
Do you own a lot of spiral-bound notebooks?
Do you make to-do lists?
What was the last thing you wrote down on paper?
Do you have neat handwriting?
Do you enjoy writing in cursive?
📕 Dictionary 📕
What are three words you like just based on how they sound?
What is one word you always forget how to spell?
Do you own a dictionary?
What is your first name, and what is its meaning (if you know it)?
Do you enjoy learning new vocabulary words?
📚 Library Books 📚
When was the last time you checked out a book from the library?
Do you have a library card? 🪪
Have you ever had to pay a fine for an overdue library book?
Have you ever had to pay a lost book free?
Do you have any library books checked out right now?
What are three of the best library books you have ever read?
Does your local library have a summer reading program where kids can read books for prizes?
📗 Graphic Novel 👩‍🎤
Do you read graphic novels?
What is your favorite anime/manga series?
Do you like to read anime/manga?
...and how often do you read it?
Have you ever dressed up like an anime character?
Do you like to draw anime characters?
📘 Mystery Novel 🕵️‍♀️
Do you enjoy reading mystery novels?
...If yes, which one is your favorite?
Are you good at solving mysteries?
Are you thankful for mystery in life, or do you wish that everything was made known and nothing kept hidden, so you would know everything and have all the answers?
What are three of life's mysteries that you don't fully understand?
☀️🌳 Historical Fiction 📙🏡
Do you enjoy reading historical fiction?
What is your favorite work of historical fiction?
Are you happy with the time period you were born in, or do you wish you had been born into a different era (and if so, which one)?
Would you rather wear a toga or a Victorian gown with a hoop skirt?
If you could visit any historical era for a day, which would you want to visit?
If you could visit any historical era for a year, which one would you want to visit?
📕 💒 Romance Novel 💕💃
Do you enjoy reading romance novels?
What is your favorite romance novel, if you have one?
Are you currently in a romantic relationship? 💕
When was the last time you truly felt in love with someone?
What's the weirdest romance novel you've ever read?
🧚‍♂️✨🏰 Fantasy Novel 📙💖🐉
Do you enjoy reading fantasy novels?
Would you rather read about a moon goddess or a vampire? 🌙 💃🧛‍♀️
What I your favorite fantasy novel, if you have one?
Would you rather live in a castle or an enchanted forest?
What is your favorite fairytale?
What is the most magical thing you've ever experienced?
What is the most magical thing about your life right now?
Do you experience mystery, enchanted, and wonder every day of your life?
...Why or why not?
Would you rather have a pet unicorn or a pet dragon? 🦄🔥🐉
📕📚📖 Final Questions! 📖📚📕
If you had to pick three favorite books, what would they be?
What was your favorite book that you had to read for school?
Do you like to read?
Have you ever written a novel?
Do you want to write novels?
Do you enjoy creative writing?
Have you ever dressed up as a literary character for Halloween, and if so, which one(s)?
Was English your favorite subject in school?
Would you say you are a bookworm? 📕🐛
What does your favorite bookmark look like?
Would you rather visit Hogwarts or Oz?
Which type of book(s) do you think I should include next?
And last but not least, did you enjoy this survey?
I hope you have a wonderful day!

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