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Author: joybucket
Created: May 21, 2022
Taken: 18 times
Rated: G

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Which random electronic device are you? 📸⏰📱

Created by joybucket and taken 18 times on Bzoink
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Alarm Clock ⏰
You've been through some things that really shook you up.
You are an early bird. 🕊
You are always the first person in your house to wake up.
You are very punctual and always on time.
You've recently seen something alarming.
You have a very good memory and never forget important dates.
You wear a watch always. ⌚️
You are very boisterous and always announce when you enter a room; you have a loud voice and everyone can hear you.
You are good at telling when it's time to leave, when it's time to listen, when it's time to talk, when it's time to work, when it's time to rest, tc.
You are good at pointing others in the right direction, at showing them where they need to be.
You are always in the know; people come to you to hear the latest news.
You believe that as the hands of life slowly tick away, we should make the most of every opportunity, because time is sacred, and once it's gone you can never get it back.
You are always doing something with your hands.
Printer 🖨
You have very neat handwriting, very neat print.
You often repeat things that you hear.
You always have to have paper if you're going to be able to do your job correctly.
You've left a handprint or footprint in wet cement.
You are found by a computer much of the time.
Sometimes you draw a blank and need time to recharge before you can give people what they want, before you can do what makes them happy.
You believe that everyone is an original, not a copy.
You are inked- you have at least one tattoo.
You've done printmaking in art class, and you enjoyed it.
You've been on the school newspaper staff. 📰
You write in print more than you do in cursive.
Your wardrobe consists of a lot of different prints.
You write a lot.
Old-Fashioned TV 📺
You like to watch reruns of your favorite shows.
You like to watch black and white movies.
You used to enjoy watching Nick at Nite as a kid.
You often tell stories and make jokes about "the good old days" when you were younger.
You enjoy buying and wearing vintage clothing.
You own an old-fashioned TV.
You consider yourself to be old-fashioned.
You enjoy showing people what life was like when you were younger.
You go by your initials (such as AJ or PJ or something like that).
You like to make people laugh. 🤣
A lot of the fashions you wear are hand-me-downs.
People often find you to be a great source of entertainment.
You aren't as popular as you used to be; people used to watch you a lot more than they do now.
You are smart.
You have a unique ring. 💍
You like your name; it has a nice ring to it.
People often leave messages for you to give to others.
Your friends and family wouldn't want to lose you.
You've been dropped and broken, but you still keep going.
Like a phone screen, you are transparent- you let others see right through you.
When you were in school, you were always getting called on, even when you didn't want to be.
People call you by a lot of different names.
You have a very good memory.
You are very mobile, and you are almost always on the go!
You were born in 1992.
You majored in Communications in college.
Camera 📸
You love taking pictures.
You own a digital camera.
You've had a friend named Cameron.
You want to make the most of your life, because you know it happens in a flash.
You want to capture as many of life's beautiful, magical, and meaningful moments as you can.
You've made a scrapbook of memories. 📖✂️🌆🖼
People often smile and try to look their best in front of you, but you not everyone is genuine.
You've flashed someone.
You enjoy editing photos and uploading them to Instagram.
You choose to focus on life's beautiful moments, not the bad.
You often wish you could hold on to a moment and make it last.
You like to make people smile. 🤪
You've been a model or wanted to be a model.
Radio 📻
You've worked as a radio host.
You've called in to a radio station and had your voice on the air.
You pick up signals from other people, and you play or say what they want to hear.
You've been told you have excellent communication skills.
You're not afraid of public speaking.
You play a lot of music.
You play music nearly all day every day.
Your name starts with R.
You are thankful that you have people in your life who listen to you.
You are always tuned in to whatever's going on around you.
You enjoy being a host; you've hosted a lot of parties.
You talk a lot.
You are always in the know about current events.
Vlog Camera 📹
You own a vlog camera.
You like to watch vlogs.
You have filmed and uploaded your own vlogs to YouTube.
You have a YouTube channel.
....and you post on it faithfully.
You have seen and done a lot of crazy things.
You have an excellent memory and can recall events from your past in vivid detail.
You bring joy to a lot of peoples' lives; you've been told you are a joy.
You made a lot of home videos when you were younger.
You wanted to be famous as a kid. 🎬
You try to come up with fun, interesting, and unique ways to make your life appear interesting, because in reality your life is quite repetitive and boring.
If YouTube had been around when you were a kid and if you had been allowed to be on it, you would have definitely been a YouTuber.
You like to go on adventures, and you want to go on more! ✈️
Laptop Computer 💻
There's a lot to you.
You help a lot of people out in a lot of different ways.
You have a keyboard.
You are very sensitive.
You are multi-talented and have a lot of different useful and exceptional skills.
You are very creative and have a huge imagination.
There is a light inside you that enables you to bring a lot of people joy; you shine bright from within.
You hate catching viruses. 🦠
A lot of people have used you.
...and some have abused you.
You bring a lot of people joy.
You aren't made to stay in one place, and you want to explore the world. :) 🌍🤪
You are continually growing and improving; newer versions of you are bigger and better and brighter and capable of a lot more than older versions of you.
Desktop Computer 🖥
You have a desk job.
You sit in front of a computer for a good portion of the day.
You sit in the same spot a good majority of the time.
You believe you can sit in the same spot all day and still accomplish a lot; you don't have to move around a lot or live in a big city or have a super-hectic, super-exciting life to be successful.
You know you can accomplish a lot from wherever you are, and you are either doing that or are on the road to doing that.
Staying in one place doesn't always mean you're lazy; it can mean you're reliable, faithful, diligent, and trustworthy- committed to the long haul.
You have a health issue (or many health issues) that disables you, but you won't let that stop you from being successful right where you are.
You are reliable; since you're always in the same spot and doing the same thing, people know where they can find you.
You have played matchmaker among your friends.
Your desk is your favorite space in your home.
You're reliable, trustworthy, and committed in a relationship.
Your friends know they can always rely on you.
There is one person who faithfully and consistently turns you on.
Kitchen Timer ⏲
You use a timer when you cook and/or bake things.
You spend a lot of time in the kitchen.
You are loud.
You have a knack for startling people.
You can be very useful and helpful when people bother to notice you.
You have one job, and you do it well.
You are good at keeping track of time.
You use a planner.
You are very patient; you're willing to wait a long time for something that you really want, because what you really want seems worth the wait to you.
You often announce to your friends and family what time it is.
You've randomly showed up at someone's house and been told, "Perfect timing!"
You stay true to who you are through the good times and the bad.
You don't want to miss any more of life's incredible opportunities; you hope to always be in the right place at the right time.
Which random electronic device are you according to this survey?
Are you happy with your result?
....and do you own this device?
....and have you used this device?
Which is your favorite of all the electronic devices mentioned in this survey?
Which have you used the longest?
What kind of computer do you have?
What kind of phone do you have?
Which do you use more: your computer or your phone?
How many cell phones have you had in your lifetime?
How many laptops have you had in your lifetime?
What color was your first laptop?
What color was your first phone?
Which type of phone was your first phone?
Which do you enjoy more: talking or texting?
Do you go on the Internet on your phone?
Do you take pictures using your phone?
What's your username on Instagram (if you want to share)?
Do you use Snapchat?
How often do you post on Instagram?
Do you take your phone with you everywhere?
When did you first get a smartphone?
How old were you when you got your first phone?
How old were you when you got your first laptop?
Do you ever use a kitchen timer?
Do you use an alarm clock?
Do you use a printer?
What are three of your favorite things to take pictures of?
Do you enjoy editing photos?
What is your favorite photo editing app on your phone?
What are your favorite websites?
Which social media platforms do you use the most?
Do you ever listen to the radio?
Do you own a TV?
If yes, what are your favorite TV shows?
Do you like to watch YouTube videos?
What is your favorite movie?
Do you have a YouTube channel?
If yes, what is your channel name?
Which do you use more: Facebook or Instagram?
And last but not least, did you enjoy this survey?
I hope you have an electrifying day! 🤪✨