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Author: joybucket
Created: May 17, 2022
Taken: 10 times
Rated: G

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Holiday-Inspired Have You Ever! πŸŽ‰

Created by joybucket and taken 10 times on Bzoink
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Section 1: New Year's. πŸŽ‰ Have you ever....
kissed someone at midnight on New Year's?
celebrated New Year's Eve in Times Square?
made a new year's resolution and actually remembered it and kept it? (and if yes, what was it?)
dyed your hair neon green?
tie-dyed a pair of shorts?
set off fireworks at midnight on New Year's?
hosted a New Year's Eve party?
made a new year's resolution and then only kept it for the first week of January?
made a new year's resolution and then only kept it for one day?
thought that flying leaves looked like confetti? πŸ‚
dumped a bucket of glitter over someone's head?
made an entire list of new year's resolutions?
wanted to take your life and start over new?
had an article written about you in the newspaper? (if yes, what was it about?)
Section 2: Valentine's Day. πŸ’– Have you ever...
written to an advice column?
broken up with someone over a text message?
proposed to someone?
been proposed to?
turned down a marriage proposal?
told your pet that he/she was your valentine?
worn a pink and red striped shirt?
worn purple plaid pants?
given someone a fake number?
courted someone?
wondered what "courting" meant?
searched for wedding venues?
made valentine's cards for everyone in your class?
broken up with someone on Valentine's Day?
Section 3: St. Patrick's Day. ☘️ Have you ever....
been to a Green Day concert?
worn neon green tights?
worn a green hat to school?
made a clover with your tongue?
had a cousin named Patrick?
visited a cathedral in Europe?
painted your room green?
thought teal that's more green than blue should have its own color name?
planted a garden?
had a coin collection?
tried Irish soda bread?
dyed your green?
photographed a rainbow? πŸŒˆπŸ“Έ
thought it would be fun to slide down a rainbow?
Section 4: April Fool's Day. 🀣 Have you ever...
teepeed someone's house? 🧻
egged someone's house? 🍳
played a prank on someone?
told someone you were dropping out of college because you felt called to join the circus? πŸŽͺ
put a whoopee cushion in someone's seat?
pranked a teacher at school? (if yes, what did you do?)
played a prank on someone that made them cry?
played an April Fool's joke in a Facebook status?
told someone you were an alien? πŸ‘½
gotten into a fake fight with someone on Facebook?
set up a booby trap for someone to walk into?
had your dog play an April Fool's joke on you? 🐢
answered the phone pretending to be the cleaning lady?
called in sick to a job you didn't have?
Section 5: Earth Day. 🌎 Have you ever....
painted a globe?
rolled around in the mud? 🐷
had someone take a picture of you hugging a tree?
taken a picture of someone else hugging a tree?
wore bellbottoms on Earth Day?
made a peace sign necklace?
made a peace sign for a selfie?
given your dog or cat bunny ears for a selfie? ✌️
planted a vegetable garden? πŸ₯¬
made fake succulents by painting rocks? πŸͺ΄
given a butterfly a name? πŸ¦‹
had a pet frog? 🐸
eaten a worm on a dare? πŸͺ±
thought an insect looked pretty? πŸͺ²
Section 6: Mother's Day. 🀰 Have you ever....
wanted to be a mother?
had a baby girl?
had a baby boy?
made a list of baby names that you liked?
been a foster parent?
considered becoming a foster parent?
had a pregnancy scare?
taken a home pregnancy test?
decorated a baby's nursery?
had a baby spit up on you? πŸ‘Ά
given a baby a bottle? 🍼
been to a friend's baby shower?
adopted a child?
held a baby?
Section 7: Easter. 🐣 Have you ever...
worn pastel-colored jeggings or skinny jeans?
dyed your hair a pastel color?
decorated a wooden cross?
surrendered your life to Christ? ✝️
attended a Resurrection Day service?
wished someone a Happy Resurrection Day?
had someone wish you a Happy Resurrection Day?
had a picnic at the cemetery?
worn a cross necklace?
gotten a tattoo of a cross?
considered getting a tattoo of a cross?
gave someone bunny ears for a photo? ✌️
given yourself bunny ears for a photo?
wore something bright-colored on Easter ?
Section 8: Father's Day. πŸ‘¨β€πŸ¦° Have you ever....
worn a fake mustache?
worn a tuxedo?
bought a new car?
changed a tire?
cleaned a swimming pool?
shaved your head?
worn a bow tie?
had to wear khaki pants as part of a school uniform?
wondered why your dad couldn't tell the difference between blue and green?
had a mullet?
had a mohawk?
used gel to make your hair stick straight up?
asked someone out on a date?
asked someone to a dance? πŸ‘—
Section 9: Fourth of July. πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ Have you ever....
celebrated 4th of July with a significant other's family?
accidentally caught a marshmallow on fire?
set off illegal fireworks?
set off fireworks in your backyard?
set off fireworks in your front yard?
gone to a 4th of July parade?
went to a Blues Festival?
worn blue jeans to church? πŸ‘–
watched Blue's Clues?
ran a red light? πŸ”΄
worn a white skirt?
worn a blue dress?
dyed your hair blue?
worn a shirt with the American flag on it?
Section 10: Grandparent's Day. πŸ‘΅πŸ»πŸ‘΄πŸ» Have you ever....
worked at an old folks' home?
found a gray hair on your head?
went on vacation with your grandparents?
had a grandchild?
ate cookies at your grandparents' house?
spent the night at your grandparents' house?
knit or crocheted a scarf? 🧣
knit or crocheted a blanket?
embroidered something? 🧡
tried sewing? πŸͺ‘
hemmed up a pair of pants? πŸ‘–
sewed on a button?
went Christmas caroling at an old folks' home?
worn an "ugly sweater"?
Final Questions!
What's your favorite holiday?
Which holiday is closest to your birthday?
Do you like to dress up for holidays?
Did you enjoy this survey?
I hope you have a festive day! πŸ₯³
Stay tuned for part 2!