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Author: joybucket
Created: May 15, 2022
Taken: 16 times
Rated: G

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Which sport are you? πŸ€πŸˆπŸ₯ŠπŸ€Έβ€β™€οΈπŸ„‍♀️

Created by joybucket and taken 16 times on Bzoink
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Weightlifting πŸ‹οΈβ€β™€οΈ
You have muscular arms. πŸ’ͺ
You have muscular legs.
You've lifted weights at a gym.
You've lifted weights at home.
You've had a gym membership.
You've had a two-week free trial gym membership.
You've had a friend or family member named Jim.
You're a good listener when someone comes to you bearing the weight of the world on their shoulders.
You feel like you're carrying the weight of the world on your shoulders.
You're been through a lot, and you believe it's made you stronger.
What you miss most about being a kid is not having so many responsibilities.
Weightlifters lift dumbbells, and you've wondered why there are so many dumb people.
You've lived past your limits of endurance.
Basketball πŸ€
You've played basketball on a team.
You put money in the offering basket every week at church.
You are wearing a shirt with stripes on it.
You have a favorite basketball star.
There is a basket on your kitchen counter.
You've driven an orange car.
You've taken a basket weaving class.
You're wearing an orange shirt.
You've performed in some way on a basketball court (whether you were on the dance team, or you sang during an assembly, etc.)
You've been a cheerleader for a basketball team. πŸ“£
You keep your blankets folded up in a basket.
You've had a bad reaction to stinging nettle.
You were alive before the Internet was invented.
Boxing πŸ₯Š
You've been on a boxing team.
You enjoy watching boxing.
You keep cardboard boxes and use them to store things in.
You've punched someone in the face.
You've been punched in the face.
You own a pair of red gloves or mittens.
You liked to read The Boxcar Children books when you were younger.
You've worn a Halloween costume that was made out of a cardboard box.
You've played "house" in a big cardboard box when you were a kid. πŸ“¦
You have anger issues.
You've received a FabFitFun box.
You've sent someone a box of random gifts.
You have a picture of your dog or cat sitting inside of a cardboard box.
Football 🏈
You've played football on a team.
You own a varsity jacket.
You've dressed up as a football player for Halloween.
You wish you were a foot taller.
You've run across a field with your hand lifted high in the air.
You like to throw things at people.
You've thrown your phone across the room when you were mad.
Your feet are very ticklish.
You've performed in some way on a football field (whether it was with the marching band, or on a dance team or cheerleading team, etc.)
You are working in the field that your college major was in.
You've considered going into a whole new field of study, one different from what you pursued in college.
You have a hard time finding shoes that fit your feet comfortably.
You've hosted a Super Bowl party.
Karate πŸ₯‹
You've taken a martial arts class.
You are a blackbelt in karate.
You're Japanese. πŸ‡―πŸ‡΅
You've been to Japan.
You want to go to Japan.
You own a white robe.
You know how to use chopsticks. πŸ₯’
You've impulsively chopped all of your hair off. πŸ’‡β€β™€οΈ
You know basic self-defense.
You've taken some kind of self-defense course or class.
You've been treated like a punching bag. πŸ₯Š
You've lived in a house with creaky wooden floorboards.
You've chopped wood for a fire. πŸͺ΅
Gymnastics πŸ€Έβ€β™€οΈ
You've taken gymnastics.
You are very flexible and bendy (or at least you were as a kid).
You've wished many times that your bedroom floor was a trampoline.
You liked to do cartwheels as a kid.
You can walk on your hands (or could at one time).
You have or have had ADHD.
Gymnastics is one of your favorite Olympic sports to watch.
Your mind often jumps from one thing to the next.
You like to drink energy drinks.
As a kid, you liked to walk along on top of the curb as if it were a balance beam.
You've done flips down the aisle in church.
You find it comfortable to sit in the splits (or have at one time).
You've bent over and had your pants split right down the middle. πŸ‘–
Surfing πŸ„β€β™€οΈ
You've gone surfing.
You own a surfboard.
You've spent a lot of time surfing the Internet.
You love the water, and your favorite summer activity is being on or in the water. 🌊
You've had bleach blonde hair.
You've spent all day at the beach. 🏝
You've lived in a Coastal state.
There is a boardwalk in your town that you like to walk on.
You get bored a lot.
You own a book of boredom busters.
You have a very laidback, easygoing, and gentle personalty.
You've had a beach-themed bedroom, party, or wedding.
You think you look best with a tan.
Soccer ⚽️
You enjoy playing soccer.
You often wear mismatched socks.
You own a pair of toe socks.
You've worn bright-colored patterned knee socks.
You spent a lot of time outside during the summers as a kid.
You have a sock drawer.
You've worn black and white striped tights.
You are very playful and energetic and childlike.
You've received a zap from an electrical socket. βš‘οΈπŸ”Œ
You often kick things out of the way.
You like to sit outside in the grass.
You hate it when people poke you and wish people would keep their hands to themselves.
You have a favorite professional soccer player.
Cheerleading πŸ“£
You've been on a school cheer team.
You've been on a competitive cheer team.
People don't often tell you secrets, because they know you have a big mouth.
You like to yell and shout.
You've dressed up as a cheerleader for Halloween.
You own a lot of skirts.
You often wear your hair up in a ponytail.
You've owned a clapping lamp- a lamp that turned on or off when you clapped your hands.
You are always rooting for your friends; you want them to succeed.
You are very energetic, enthusiastic, and peppy.
You often have a cheerful disposition.
You love to inspire and motivate others.
You are known for your joy, optimism, happiness, or perkiness.
Downhill Skiing β›·
You've gone skiing.
You own a set of skis.
Your favorite arcade game is skee ball.
You feel like your life is going downhill.
You love the feeling of falling.
You like to play outside in the snow. ❄️
You often wear your hair down.
You've worn a ski mask.
You were born in the winter.
You own a winter coat.
You use a lot of ice in your drinks. 🧊
Your last name ends in "sky" or "ski" or "skie," etc.
You used to enjoy watching the Nickelodeon show Cousin Skeeter.
Which sport are you according to this survey?
Are you happy with your result?
....and have you ever played that sport?
.....and do you like watching that sport?
What is your favorite sport out of all of the ones on this survey?
What is your favorite Olympic sport to watch?
What was one sport you always want to try but never got to?
What sports teams were you on in high school?
Did you like gym class in school?
What were your favorite gym class activities?
Were you on any college sports teams?
Have you ever wanted to be a professional athlete?
Are you in shape?
What is your favorite form of exercise?
What is your favorite sport to watch on TV?
Did you go to the football games in high school?
Which sport do you think I should include next?
Did you enjoy this survey?
I hope you have a fantastic day! πŸ†