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Author: kellyburnsred
Created: December 6, 2021
Taken: 9 times
Rated: G

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Created by kellyburnsred and taken 9 times on Bzoink
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Lose every card game or lose every video game?
Listen to one country song per day or nothing but hip-hop for three weeks.
Be obscenely wealthy for a year or poor forever but never have to pay bills?
Dress up like a giant mouse 🐭 or a giant dog? 🐩
Live in space or live in the ocean?
Earth earthworms or cockroaches?
Only see in black and white or never hear again?
Never have air conditioning or never have heat
Speak like a duck or look like a worm?
Only eat your favorite food forever or never have your favorite food ever?
Go in public naked once a week or never go in public again?
Say LOL after every sentence or cry every time you smile?
Only bathe or shower for the rest of your life?
Fight with a light saber or a sword?
Climb a mountain or swim to the bottom of the ocean?
Walk with your hands or type with your toes?
Watch only your favorite movie forever or watch a movie you hate once?
Eat dinner for breakfast or breakfast for dinner?
Read comic books or biographies?
Someone make a doll of you or paint a portrait of you?
Be able to communicate only by barking or meowing?
Be able to swim endlessly under water or fly to any altitude?
Repeat first grade for eternity or never graduate high school?
Live next door to an amusement park or a night club?
Be flexible or strong?
Go to the Equator during the summer or the North Pole during the winter?
Have a sleepover in space or in a submarine?
Sleep upside down or swim right side up?
Be struck by lightning or get swept up in a tornado?
Never eat pasta for the rest of your life or only eat spaghetti for the rest of your life?
Never sleep again or never talk again?
Give up coffee or give up soda?
Mirrors or windows for eyes?
Smell a bad scent for one hour or eat a disgusting food for dinner?
Ice skates for feet or tree trunks for legs?
Go up or go down?
Ride a T REX or fly on a Pterodactyl?
Never see your family again or never get married?
Go to the beach or go skiing?
Swim to France or walk to Canada?
Only speak in tongues or only speak in Latin?
Live in ancient Middle East or ancient Mexico?
Be a Greek god or a Roman god?
Get lost in Atlantis or the Bermuda Triangle?
Use metal tweezers or plastic tweezers?
Write books or make movies?
Repeat 6th Grade or 12th Grade?
Be 17 years old forever or 70 years old forever?
Be the color orange or blue?
Be a snail or a sea star?
Be a vine used by monkeys or a path used by Venetians?
Have perpetual headaches or sore throats?
Be in a 90s coming of age story or an 80s horror movie?
Be Midas or Oedipus?
Lose your left hand or your right hand?
Have everything be plastic or everything be metal?
Be corny or sweet?
Have perfect eyesight or perfect hearing?
Have 200 eyes or only one eye in the center of your forehead?
Be a spider or a snake?
Eat a tarantula or eat an eel?
Be a teacup or a teapot?
Be a kid's action figure or a pawn in chess?
Be a rose with thorns or a Venus Fly Trap?
Bear a child with Zeus or marry Aphrodite?
Live in eternal darkness or live in eternal light?
Live on Mercury or live on Neptune?
Be too hot or be too cold?
Have the memory of an elephant 🐘 or the social skills of a bee?
Be able to only drink out of mugs or water bottles?
Whiskers or a snout?
Hooves or paws 🐾?
Have eight legs or two right hands?
Be a mermaid 🧜‍♀️ or a wizard 🧙‍♂️?
Be a witch 🧙‍♀️ or a wizard 🧙‍♂️?
Have everything be silver or gold?
Be a rhino or a hippo?
Be a crocodile 🐊 or an alligator?
Know the future but no one believes you or know everything about the past?
Be super buff or super skinny?
Be a social media's most hated or a nobody who people love?
Be president or a small-town mayor?
Be a freshwater fish or a saltwater fish?
Be a bird 🐦 or a fish 🐟?
Read e-books 📚 or listen to audiobooks?
Have a noisy dog or a quiet cat?
Have a noisy cat or a quiet dog?
Be only left-brained or right-brained?
Eat only salty foods or sweet foods?
Have a pet tiger or a pet lion?
Be amazing at one thing or OK at 10 things?
Have one good friend or 10 acquaintances?
Always have a staff or always have a sword?
Have great dial-up internet or terrible WIFI?
Have a screen that's too big or a screen that's too small?
Say sofa or couch?
Buggy or cart?
Say soda or pop?
Play the acoustic guitar or the electric guitar?
Listen to the electric guitar 🎸 or acoustic guitar?
Use liquid soap or shower gel?
Play football with no gear or basketball with a deflated ball?
Only listen to SKA or only to listen to reggae?
Eat yellow snow or eat mud?
Use a map or a bad GPS?
Have your house broken into or your phone hacked?
Have really long nails or really long hair?
Always have to wear a toga or always have to wear suspenders?
Live on the moon or on Mars?
Be a seagull or a pelican?
Wear clothes made out of vegetables or clothes made out of meat?
Have stark white hair or glowing yellow hair?
Spend one week in the woods or one night on the beach?
Have a double life or be a secret agent that no one knows?
Have an alien best friend or be the alien best friend?