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Author: pinkchocolate
Created: August 18, 2020
Taken: 43 times
Rated: G

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Why do I feel so let down, when this is how it's always been? (true or false)

Created by pinkchocolate and taken 43 times on Bzoink
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A true or false, based on the day I've had.
You woke up to an unread message today.
The first person you talked to today was a relative.
You prefer a caffeinated beverage in the mornings.
You've used your toaster at some point today.
There is currently a box of cereal in your house.
You like to read/receive long messages/emails.
You've made some new online friends during the pandemic :)
You've complimented someone today.
You own a big eyeshadow pallette with many different shades.
You wear liquid eyeliner more often than pencil.
Your mascara is in a pink tube.
You need a new mascara.
The last lipstick you wore was a dark shade.
You currently have a bruise somewhere on your body.
You're not sure how you got that bruise.
You have written something down on paper today.
There is someone in your life that you don't always see eye to eye with...
... And that upsets you, because you care deeply for that person.
Someone you know is adopting a new pet sometime soon. :)
They have asked you for suggestions on what to name this pet. :)
You're a cat owner.
You have hummed a tune at some point today.
... It was the theme tune to a TV show.
You've updated your Facebook status today.
You accomplished most of what you planned today.
You are currently snuggling with/talking to your pet(s).
You tell your pet(s) that you love them.
You will be going to sleep within the next hour.
Thanks for taking. Bye :)