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Author: pinkmittens8
Created: July 18, 2020
Taken: 106 times
Rated: G

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This or That

Created by pinkmittens8 and taken 106 times on Bzoink
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Cole Slaw or Potato Salad?
Heels or Slippers?
Red or Blue?
Halloween or Fourth of July?
Shrek or Donkey?
Air Fresheners or Candles?
Smell or Taste?
Nose piercing or lip piercing?
Reading or Drawing?
Hoodies or Tank Tops?
Owls or Flamingos?
Frankenstein or Dracula?
Horror or Comedy?
Rock or Rap?
Pizza or Burgers?
Board games or Card games?
Talking or Listening?
Exercising or Cleaning?
Showers or Baths?
Cheese fries or Nachos?
Sprite or Pepsi?
Piano or Guitar?
Dogs or Cats?
White or Gray?
Rainbows or Stars?
Cuddling or Hugging?
Netflix or Hulu?
Youtube or Spotify?
Taking the picture or being in the picture?
Social or Antisocial?
Swimming or Rollerskating?
Golf or Soccer?
Rings or Bracelets?
Headbands or Hats?
Kids or No kids?
Single or Taken?
Bonfires or Concerts?
Fall or Spring?
Bed or Couch?
Spongebob or Patrick?
Dr Pepper or Root Beer?
Milkshakes or Ice Cream Cake?
French Toast or Cereal?
Green or Yellow?
Sun or Moon?
Long Surveys or Short Surveys?
Surveys or Polls?
Having Girl Friends or Guy Friends?
Sting Rays or Jellyfish?
Lake or Ocean?
Thunderstorms or Snow?
White Bread or Wheat Bread?
Boots or Sandals?
Shorts or Jeans?
Laptop or Playstation?
Mail or Email?
Anime or Cartoons?
Laughing or Smiling?
Lavender or Vanilla Scent?
Strawberries or Cherries?
Siamese Cats or All Black Cats?
Witches or Warlocks?
Batman or Superman?
Ryan Reynold or Tom Hardy?
Fast Food or Home Cooking?
Laundry or Dishes?
Sleep or Exercise?
Jeep or Truck?
Painting or Gardening?
Scrabble or Monopoly?
Violets or Sunflowers?
Indoors or Outdoors?
Camping or Hotel Stays?
Nintendo or Sony?
Pulp or No Pulp?
Avocodos or Black Olives?
Wine or Water?
Simple or Risk Taking?
Karate or Gymnastics?
Shopping or Fishing?
Books or Movies?
Own a Yacht or a Jet Plane?
Tigers or Penguins?
Purple or Orange?
Spaghetti or Hotdogs?
10 or 11?
Wrapping Presents or Opening Presents?
Snapchat or Facebook?
Soda Machine or Snack Machine?
Jumping Jacks or Squats?
Evenings or Mornings?
Coca Cola or Sundrop?
Skittles or Starburst?
Paper Plates or Glass Plates?
Plaid or Polka Dotted?
Fannypack or Purse?
Pen or Pencil?
Wendys or Burger King?
Napping or Bubble Baths?
Mustard or Ketchup?
Tattoos or Piercings?
Nike or Puma?
Sweatpants or Basketball Shorts?
Yesterday or Tomorrow?
Curly Hair or Straightened Hair?