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About This Survey

Author: supremequeenstyles
Created: April 17, 2020
Taken: 6 times
Rated: G

The Office (US) Survey

Created by supremequeenstyles and taken 6 times on Bzoink
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How many times have you seen the entire series all the way through?
Favorite quote(s)?
Who is your favorite actor on the show?
Favorite prank?
Who is your favorite character and why? (If you can't choose, do Top 3.)
Least favorite character and why?
Who do you think had the best character development throughout the series?
Worst manager?
Do you ever feel bad for Toby?
What do you think of the fan theory that he's the real Scranton Strangler?
Do you/have you ever had a crush on any of the characters?
Your favorite couple and why?
Your least-favorite couple and why?
Do you ship any non-canon couples? Who?
Do you have a favorite episode? Which one?
A character you think is underrated?
Which character do you identify with the most?
A character you'd want to be friends with?
Do you enjoy seasons 8 and 9, or do you skip them?
Are there any episodes you skip? Which ones?
What got you hooked on the show?
Do you have any headcanons or theories?
Did you ever watch the original UK version?
If you could change one thing about the show, what would it be?
Do you own any merch?
Episode(s) that make you cry?
Episode(s) that make you happy?
Cutest moment(s)?
Unpopular opinion(s) about the show?
Best Christmas episode?
Best Halloween episode?
Do you prefer early episodes or later ones?
Would you be interested in a revival of the series?
Why do you think it has remained so popular?
I think that's it for now. Thanks!