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Author: friends-tv-show
Created: March 13, 2019
Taken: 44 times
Rated: G

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Tell me your opinions that most people are afraid to talk about

Created by friends-tv-show and taken 44 times on Bzoink
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Thoughts on Trump?
Is the American or Canadian government system set up better?
Did you like Barrack Obama?
Do you like Justin Trudeau?
Pro life or pro choice?
Is it ok to tell women what to do with their bodies?
Is it ok to “take a life” if the child hasn’t been born yet?
Do you believe the baby/fetus can feel pain?
Is it ok to kill a fetus for stem cell research?
Whatever side you’re on, do you understand the other side?
What’s your religion?
Do you have doubts about the existence of a god or an higher power?
What do you think happens when we die?
Has your religion ever changed?
Do you respect other people’s religions (or lack thereof)?
Is it ok to preach your religion on the streets?
Is it ok to try to convert others to your religion?
Do you agree with everything the bible says?
Do you think it’s ok to have judgements on others bc of religion?
What do you think about the religious hate crimes committed?
Should gay marriage be legal?
Is it natural/ok to be a part of this community?
Is it ok to discriminate against people bc they’re part of this community
Gun control
What do you think about the gun control in your country?
Who should be allowed to own guns?
Should people be allowed to own guns for protection?
Would there be less crime/ murders if there was more gun control?
Animal Rights
Is it ok to consume animal products?
What do you think about the way animals are treated in slaughter houses?
Is it ok to skin animals for clothes?
Is it ok to do scientific tests on animals?
Should animals have the same rights as humans?
Thoughts on vegans?
Is it ok for people to try to convert others to be vegan?
Climate change
Is it real?
Do you believe we are in danger?
Is climate change going to be a big deal in your lifetime?
What should we do about it?
Is climate change our fault?
Believe in it? Why/ why not?
Is it possible to believe in a religion and evolution?
Is it possible that your view on evolution is wrong?
Is it ok for it to be taught in schools?
Drugs and alcohol
Should weed be legal? Why or why not?
Should cigarettes be legal?
What’s an ok age to start doing any sort of drugs?
Should parents allow their kids to experiment with drugs?
At what age should you be allowed to drink?
Thoughts on alcohol?
Capital punishment
Is it ok to give someone a death sentence if they committed a brutal murder
How should someone be punished if they commit murder?
Is capital punishment effective?
What about a life sentence? Effective? Is it ok?
Do vaccines cause autism?
Should everyone be forced to be vaccinated?
Should companies be allowed to see what you do on the internet?
Is cloning ethical?
Thoughts on plastic surgery?
Should euthanasia be legal?
Thoughts on feminism?
Are all races equal?