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Author: joybucket
Created: March 19, 2018
Taken: 37 times
Rated: G

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Life would be so boring without music.

Created by joybucket and taken 37 times on Bzoink
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What was the best job you've ever had?
Would you rather open a used clothing store or an antique store?
Do you think you would want to own a gift shop?
Have you ever wondered if your friend was an alien?
Do you have a troublesome medical condition?
What's your most annoying neighbor's name?
Would you have started a business in high school if your parents had let u?
What sport would you have joined if your parents had let you?
Do you have any tough life decisions to make soon?
At what time of the day do you usually have the most energy?
Do you consider yourself gifted and talented?
Do you love your enemies?
Magenta, aqua, or coral?
Do you like the color orchid?
Would you rather be a wedding photographer or a nature photographer?
Have you ever had an ulcer?
Do you have a canker sore right now?
Are you interested in health and wellness?
Would you ever be a fitness coach?
Do you ever question whether something that makes you uncomfortable is....
...a good thing or not?
Do you think for yourself?
Do you live life on your own terms, or do you do what everyone tells u 2 do
When was the last time you spent time with God in nature?
What color is your bike?
Are you due for a hike?
Do you ever wonder why some people think they're better than others?
Have you ever realized that most people are stupid?
Do you have too many hangers?
Have you ever created a themed scrapbook?
Pilates or yoga?
How often do you eat dessert?
Do you own a pair of cute workout pants?
What's the trendiest item you own?
Have you ever had someone tell you NOT to trust your gut?
Do you get irritated by people who lack common sense?
What's the best drink you've ever had at Starbucks?
Did you pull an all-nighter last night?
When was the last time you wrote an essay?
Do you enjoy writing essays?
Do you enjoy learning?
Do you get irritated by know-it-alls?
What is the most dominant color in your closet?
Do you own anything periwinkle?
Do you know anyone who is colorblind?
What is your favorite fairytale?
Do you ever wonder why Americans celebrate St. Patrick's Day?
Do you have any Irish in you?
What is your favorite name that starts with a Z?
Have you ever felt like you were going to throw up while you were at school
Has someone you thought was ugly became a model?
Do you know anyone who thinks they're good at something but really is not?
What color are your running shoes?
Do you wear hoodies?
How many pull-over hoodies do you own?
Do you own a princess crown?
Do you love anyone?
What's your birthstone?
Do you have a class ring?
Were you ever on a dance team?
Do you love your hometown?
Where are you itching to travel to?
Do you believe that God's plans for you are better than you could ask...
..think, or imagine?
Giraffes or squirrels?
Aardvarks or elephants?
Do you own an epi pen?
How old were you when you got rid of all your Barbies?
Would you want your first child to be a girl or a boy?
Do you think you would have fun being a fitness coach?
What sounds like the most fun job to you?
List five people who are good role models career-wise.
List five topics you think would be interesting for an essay.
Have you ever had an art class that you hated?
Were you always one of the smartest kids in your class?
Do you read for pleasure?
When was the last time you drank hot chocolate?
Are you unique?
Do you think you are a great person? If so, why?
What makes you different from the rest?
Do you have a headache right now?
Are you humble?
Do you like to research things?
Are you forgetful sometimes?
What are five traits you sometimes wish you didn't have?
What are five traits you are happy or proud that you have?
Do you boast about your faith in God?
Are you too hard on yourself sometimes?
What do you hate the most about religion, if applicable?
Do you believe your dreams can come true?
Magic or mayhem?
Do you think you have what it takes to be a good salesperson?
Do you go after your dreams?
Do you encourage others to go after your dreams?
Are you the person you want to be?
Are you currently trying to stay awake but nodding off?
Would you ever want to study abroad?
What advice would you give to someone who said they were in love with a...
What is your favorite type of donut?
What is the name of your favorite bakery?
Do you have anyone who loves and supports you no matter what?
Do you wish you had someone who loved you unconditionally?
Have you ever had the cops come and join your parents in abusing you?
Mornings or evenings?
Do you think you could be a life coach?
What color is your sofa?
Do you scrapbook?
Peacocks or lions?
Hipster or boho?
Skeletons or scarecrows?
Do you have a morning routine?
Which name do you like better: Jessica or Jennifer?
What decade were you born in?
Did you ever shop at Deb?
Are you all alone?