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Author: joybucket
Created: February 16, 2018
Taken: 72 times
Rated: G

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This or That

Created by joybucket and taken 72 times on Bzoink
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Books or movies?
Summer or winter?
Mountains or beach?
Pants or skirts?
Diamonds or pearls?
Hearts or stars?
Leopard print or zebra print?
Girl or boy?
Chocolate shake or vanilla shake?
Fall or winter?
Spring or summer?
Indoor or outdoor wedding?
Religion or spirituality?
Lazy or active?
Pretty or ugly?
Chocolate frosting or vanilla frosting?
Apple cider or apple juice?
Tea or coffee?
Inside or outside?
Pool or lake?
TV or movie?
Hook-up or relationship?
College or high school?
Math or English?
Art or Science?
God or the devil?
Halloween or Christmas?
New Year's or Easter?
Dog or cat?
Black or white?
Silver or gold?
Color photos or black and white photos?
Dinner or movie?
Pancakes or waffles?
Pie or cake?
Muffin or donut?
Apple or orange?
Grape or banana?
Kale or spinach?
Kale or lettuce?
Tomato or basil?
Salt or pepper?
Rain or sun?
Hot or cold?
Rain or snow?
Jeggings or skinny jeans?
Mini skirt or maxi skirt?
Ocean or outer space?
Lily or rose?
Chocolates or flowers?
Feminine or masculine?
Piercings or tattoos?
Sun or moon?
Day or night?
Good or evil?
Quiet or loud?
Dreams or regrets?
Friends or foes?
Angels or demons?
Creativity or logic?
Black or pink?
Red or blue?
Teal or coral?
Mansion or cottage?
Horse-drawn carriage or sports car?
Rich or poor?
City or country?
Victorian or Goth?
Mexican food or seafood?
Chinese food or American food?
Green tea or black tea?
Dragon or fairy?
Mermaid or pixie?
Elf or phoenix?
Gnome or goddess?
Brownies or cookies?
Vegetables or fruit?
Shoes or barefoot?
Lacy or plaid?
Polka dots or stripes?
Words or numbers?
Cartoons or sitcoms?
Game shows or reality shows?
Word search or crossword puzzle?
Good or bad?
Heaven or Hell?
Jesus or the devil?
Up or down?
Here or there?
Crackers or pretzels?
Cabin or tent?
Hiking or sailing?
Fishing or camping?
Canoeing or kayaking?
Hunting or stargazing?
Birdwatching or firefly gazing?
Dancing in the rain or in the snow?
Swimming or sunbathing?
Reading or writing?
Clean or messy?
Fantasy or reality?
Open or closed?
Introvert or extravert?
Same or different?
Unique or common?
Destiny or chaos?
Rainbow or eclipse?
Shooting star or 11:11?
Fountains or wishing wells?
Green or orange?