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Author: joybucket
Created: September 10, 2016
Taken: 51 times
Rated: PG

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Have you ever (questions from other eras and cultures)

Created by joybucket and taken 51 times on Bzoink
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Have you ever...
worn a hoop skirt
worn a straw hat
drank sweat tea
been given a tour of a historic home
lived in a historic small town
shopped at a farmer's market
danced with fans
painted war paint on your face
had a picnic on a lawn
gone on a horse-drawn carriage ride
had a picnic in a cemetary
been inside a church with stained glass windows
driven a model T
owned antique China
played the harp or lyre
danced at a ball in the middle of a road
dressed up to go to a ball
bought something at an antique store
lit a candle
played the fiddle
played the banjo
made a quilt
churned butter
hung up clothes on a clothesline
grown your own vegetables
grown corn
lived in a castle
lived in a mansion
climbed to the top of a castle tower
used a precious stone or scent to ward off evil spirits
been afflicted with the plague
fallen for a knight in shining armor
danced in the street
toured a Victorian home
shot an arrow
worn a feather in your hat
had a bird land on your shoulder
owned a dragon
breathed fire
believed your town was enchanted
kissed a prince
worn a crown
inherited the throne
kissed a frog to see if it would turn into a prince
wished you had wings so you could fly
worn cat-eye glasses
worn a poodle skirt
danced at a disco
worn a tie-dye shirt
ate at an ice cream parlor
danced to a song from the jukebox
worn big hoop earrings
been to a music festival
worn a toga
lived in an igloo
lived in a grass hut
been to a pow wow
talked to a shaman
summoned evil spirits
cast a spell
worshipped undergroud
had to keep your faith a secret, or else you would be persecuted
worn hand-me-down clothes
sewed a patch on an article of clothing
had your feet bound
celebrated the Chinese New Year
lived in a brothel
been a prostitute
been a stripper
danced at a club
worn a sari
worn a turban
prayed to gods and goddesses
made a sacrifice or offering to a god or goddess
built an altar or shrine
been unable to leave the house