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Author: lilprincess
Created: May 24, 2015
Taken: 139 times
Rated: G

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this or that  

My This Or That Survey, Part II

Created by lilprincess and taken 139 times on Bzoink
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here or there?
survey or poll?
Friday or Saturday ?
drive or fly?
train or boat?
fireworks or firecrackers?
sandcastle or snowman?
Spongebob or Scooby-Doo ?
money or power?
same sex or opposite sex?
crossword puzzles or word searches?
dusk or dawn?
early a.m. or late night?
January or July?
The Disney Channel or Cartoon Network?
order or rebellion?
drummer or guitarist?
red or blue?
left or right?
atheist or very religious?
goth or jock?
introverted or extraverted?
tennis or bowling?
Dr. Pepper or Ginger Ale?
Paris or Rome?
sweet or spicy?
Facebook or Youtube?
Skype or Google+ ?
impoverished but happy or rich but miserable?
Emma or Emily?
liberal or conservative?
too cold or too hot?
war-torn democracy or war-free dictatorship?
only child or 1 of 10?
felines or canines?
N. America or W. Europe?
Internet or premium cable TV?
Franklin Roosevelt or Theodore Roosevelt?
modern or old-fashioned?
write a 5-page essay or read a 500 page novel?
Aiden or Jaden?
birds or fish?
carnivore or herbivore?
gray or beige?
sky diving or deep-sea diving?
book smart or street smart?
overactive or sedentary?
monotheism or polytheism?
beer or mixed drinks?
figure skating or ice hockey?
the Amazon or the Nile?
algebra or geometry?
the chicken or the egg?
" :) " or ":-)"
booze or marijuana?
flood or drought?
online journal or traditional journal?
nature documentary or travel documentary?
antique furniture or modern furniture?
diamonds or pearls?
talker or listener?
SUV or convertible?
private jet or cruise ship?
astronomy or oceanography?
aquarium or planetarium?
rain forest or desert?
mountain cycling or mountain hiking?
trendy or original?
Whitney Houston or Celine Dion?
Asia or Africa?
monolingual or multilingual?
soap operas or gossip talk shows?
Nike or Adidas?
quiz show or cooking show?
missing one arm or missing one leg?
monarchy or anarchy?
spoon or fork?
metal or plastic?
rap or country music?
autumn or spring?
stars or moon?
stars or stripes?
polka dots or zigzags?
orange or green?
oranges or bananas?
Russia or Ukraine?
beach house or log cabin?
electric guitar or acoustic guitar?
circular or triangular?
long survey or brief survey?