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About This Survey

Author: coffeeandcigarettes-
Created: May 10, 2014
Taken: 342 times
Rated: G

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Fun Girly Survey [LONG!] ♥

Created by coffeeandcigarettes- and taken 342 times on Bzoink
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First Name?
Middle Name?
Zodiac Sign?
Relationship Status?
Sexual preference? (gay, bi, straight, etc)
Political stance?
Living where?
Level of education? (high school, college, etc)
Appearance - Skin
What is your skin color?
Do you tan? (in the sun)
Do you fake tan? (tanning lotion, spray tans, tanning beds, etc)
Do you have freckles?
Do you have scars?
What skin type do you have? (dry, oily, sensitive, etc)
Do you have acne?
Do you ever get breakouts or is your skin completely clear?
How do you treat breakouts?
Do you take care of your skin?
What is your favorite face wash?
What is your favorite moisturiser?
What colour are your eyes?
Are they big or small?
Do you have long eyelashes?
How good is your vision?
Do you wear glasses/contacts?
What is your favorite eyeshadow?
Liquid or pencil eyeliner?
Favorite eyeliner?
Favorite mascara?
Are your lips thick or thin?
Do your lips get dry/chapped easily?
Do you prefer lipstick, lipgloss or lipbalm?
Favorite lipstick?
Favorite lipgloss?
Favorite lipbalm?
What face shape do you have? (round, oval, heart, etc)
What is your best facial feature? (eyes, nose, lips, etc)
Do you like your nose?
Liquid or powder foundation?
Favorite foundation?
Favorite concealer?
Do you have chubby cheeks or well-defined cheekbones?
Favorite blush?
Favorite bronzer?
What color is your hair?
What is your natural hair color?
How long is your hair?
Who cuts your hair and how often?
Do you dye your hair?
Is your hair thick or thin?
Is your hair naturally straight, wavy or curly?
How often do you straighten/curl it?
How do you usually wear your hair?
How are you wearing your hair right now?
How often do you wash it?
Favorite shampoo and conditioner?
Favorite hair dye?
Favorite hair styling products?
What color are your nails painted?
What color are your toenails painted?
Do you wear fake nails?
How many bottles of nail polish do you own?
Do you like glitter polish?
Do you get manicures?
Do you ever paint designs on your nails?
Short or long nails?
Favorite color for fingernails?
Favorite color for toenails?
Favorite nail polish brands?
Do you like french manicures?
Do you bite your nails?
Grooming and hygiene
How often do you shower/bathe?
Do you prefer showers or baths?
What is your preferred hair removal method? (waxing, shaving, etc)
What deodrant do you use?
Favorite lotion?
Favorite perfume?
Daily Routine
What time do you usually wake up?
Does an alarm wake you up or do you wake up naturally?
Do you get straight out of bed or do you snooze for a while?
What is the first thing you do once you get out of bed?
Do you plan outfits or just throw something on in the morning?
What do you usually eat for breakfast?
What do you like to drink in the mornings?
Do you shower/bathe in the morning or at night?
How long do you spend on your hair?
How long do you spend on your makeup?
How much makeup do you usually wear?
How do you get to school/work? (drive, walk, public transport, etc)
How long does it take you?
What time do you usually have lunch?
What do you usually have for lunch?
When do you leave school/work?
How do you get home?
Do you get changed into comfy clothes as soon as you get in?
If so, what do you change into?
What do you do once you get home?
What time do you usually have dinner?
What do you usually have for dinner?
What do you snack on throughout the day?
What time do you usually go to bed?
Do you fall asleep straight away or does it take you a while?
Do you often remember your dreams?
Are your dreams usually happy, scary, or just plain weird?
For the Single Girls! [If taken, skip to next section]
How long have you been single?
How many previous partners have you had?
What was your longest relationship?
Do you like being single or would you rather be in a relationship?
Do you like anyone?
If so, what are they like?
Why do you like them?
Are you dating around right now?
Or just enjoying being single?
Do you have any 'friends with benefits'?
Have you ever?
Do you ever get lonely?
What is the best thing about being single?
What is the worst thing about being single?
Your Relationship [If single, skip this section]
Their name and age?
Where did you meet?
How long have you known each other?
How long have you been together?
What is their hair color?
What is their eye color?
What is your favorite thing about them physically?
What is your favorite thing about them personality wise?
What is one thing that annoys you about them?
Do they go to school/work?
Did you/do you go to high school together?
Do you have pet names for each other?
Are you in love?
Is this your first love?
Have you met their parents?
Have they met yours?
Can you see yourself marrying them? [if not already]
Can you see yourself having kids with them? [if you don't already]
What are their interests?
What are some things you have in common?
What are some things that are very different about you two?
Where were they born?
Do they live in your town?
Do they even live in your country?
Is this is a long-distance relationship?
Do you live together?
Would you consider them your best friend?
TV Show?
Clothing store?
Makeup item?
Makeup brand?
Clothing item?
Hot drink?
Cold drink?
Alcoholic drink?
Girls name?
Boys name?
Song right now?
Song of all time?
Thing to do?
This or That
Pink or purple?
Perfume or body spray?
Straight or curly hair?
Makeup or clothes?
Shoes or jewellery?
Blonde, brunette or redhead?
Real nails or fake nails?
Heels or flats?
Eyeliner or mascara?
Red lipstick or pink lipstick?
Hair up or down?
Dressing up or dressing comfy?
Sports or shopping?
Reading or writing?
Night in or night out?
House parties or going to a bar/club?
Glitter or lace?
Thongs or panties?
Music or movies?
Puppies or kittens?
Long hair or short hair?
Summer or winter?
Starbucks or Dunkin' Donuts?
Phone or iPod?
Rihanna or Beyonce?
Louis Vuitton or Chanel?
That Time of the Month
What age did you first get your period?
How long does your period usually last?
Is your period regular or irregular?
Do you get cramps?
Tampons or pads?
Do you eat more junk food on your period?
Your Body
What body shape do you have? (pear, hourglass, etc)
How much do you weigh?
How tall are you?
Are you happy with your height?
Are you happy with your weight?
Do you consider yourself underweight, overweight or a normal weight?
Do you work out? If so, what do you do?
Who is the funniest?
Most intelligent?
Most tomboyish?
Most artistic?
Best hair?
Best smile?
Best to party with?
Best to have a long talk with?
You've known the longest?
What do you wear on a day to day basis?
What colors do you look best in?
What stores do you shop at most?
What kind of shoes do you wear most?
Do you accessorize?
Do you wear jewellery?
What are you wearing right now?
What is your favorite shirt you own?
Favorite dress?
Favorite skirt?
Favorite pants?
What fashion trend do you love?
What fashion trend do you hate?