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Author: alexjw
Created: June 19, 2013
Taken: 169 times
Rated: G

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When you go, what you leave is a work of art on my chest, on my heart.

Created by alexjw and taken 169 times on Bzoink
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Name all the pets you've ever had.
Are you on break, or do you still have a couple days of school left?
Do you like Stephen King novels?
Have you ever had a macaroon?
One of my friends dislikes animals in general. Are you like her?
Do you prefer being on time, or do you not mind being late?
What is one adventurous thing you'd be willing to do? (ex: skydive)
Have you ever made a bucket list?
What subject at school did you absolutely hate?
How many cell phones have you gone through up till now?
Italian food or Chinese food?
Do you have more than the standard earlobe piercings?
Ever studied a foreign language?
Don't you hate it when your family eats all the ice cream at home?
Ever been in a near death situation? If so, what happened?
Do you like to make flash cards when you study?
Favorite flavor of gum?
Do you tend to be frugal, or are you more comfortable spending money?
Do you have a connection to any religion?
Ever played a team sport, or are you not sporty at all?
Do you put posters on your bedroom walls?
Do you sleep with one leg sticking out of the covers?
I have extremely weird, frightening dreams. Do you?
Has anyone ever told you that you're a good singer?
Ever been to the Big Apple? If not, do you want to visit?
Opinion on Gangnam Style?
Do you ever watch TED talks, live or online?
Did you ever watch the Lizzie McGuire movie?
If you did, do you know what the guy that played Gordo looks like now? (ew)
How many email accounts do you have?
Ever shamelessly played Farmville on Facebook?
Are you a big fan of dessert?
Ever had a brush with the paranormal? If so, describe.
Were you one of the popular kids in high school?
I dare you to write the name of a person you strongly dislike.
Do you know the band Vampire Weekend?
What do you think about Marilyn Manson?
In general, do you prefer going out or staying home?
Biggest trouble you've ever gotten into at school?
Do you own one of those "professional" DSLR cameras?
Does it bother you when you see a 6th grader with a bunch of gadgets?
Favorite pair of shoes?
Quick, think of a memory. Any memory. Describe it.
Have you heard about the extremely photogenic marathon-running man?
Where were you on 9/11?
Any food in particular you just can't get enough of? For me, it's bread.
Did you buy yearbooks every year in high school, or did you not bother?
Do you have Restless Legs Syndrome? I do. It sucks.
Are you a fan of British Youtubers? (Marcus Butler, JacksGap, etc)
Jalapeños: yay or nay?
Did you ever play Minecraft?
Did you ever have a Club Penguin account? Were you a member?
Can you sleep soundly with the light on?
Would you like to go ziplining someday?
I barely text...are you an avid texter?
Familiar with Internet slang?
If so, what's your opinion on "yolo" and "swag"?
Have a Tumblr account?
Okay then...be honest, would you be considered a hipster blogger?
Do you have a lot of hair on your arms? Or none at all?
Do you keep a charger plugged into your phone at all times?
Often misplace things, or are you very organized?
Get along with your siblings (if you have any) well?
Do you know anyone that seems to not have any common sense? Ugh.
Favorite concerts you've been to? Did you scream until you were hoarse?
So where were you when the Boston Marathon bombing happened?
Rainy days on the weekend: yay or nay?
Do you look down on girls that wear shorts with Uggs?
Californian girls talk and dress a certain way, don't they?
Ever crushed on a teacher? If so, what subject did he/she teach?
Ever take an art class? If so, what'd you think?
Don't you hate it when someone's 5 minute doodle looks like the Mona Lisa?
I don't get the hype over Tyler the Creator, enlighten me if you can?
Ever been to the Vatican? It's amazing.
Did you hear about the ridiculous Death Star proposal to the White House?