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Author: kwillmon
Created: April 25, 2013
Taken: 166 times
Rated: G

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Created by kwillmon and taken 166 times on Bzoink
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Have you watched any of the Pink Panther movies?
Do you like pigs?
Have you ever worn a tutu?
Do you like Hello Kitty?
Is pink really a "girl" color?
Cherries or Strawberries?
Are you a Crimson Tide fan?
Do you ever wear red lipstick?
Have you ever been a ladybug for Halloween?
Do you like Code Red Mountain Dew?
Do you like Cheetos?
Do you enjoy carving pumpkins?
Have you ever watched Garfield?
Did you watch Finding Nemo?
Do you like autumn?
Do you like bananas?
How about sunflowers?
Do you prefer sunny weather?
Corn on or off the cob?
Have you ever played PAC-MAN?
Are you a Packers fan?
Have you ever found a four-leaf clover?
Do you recycle?
Do you like salad?
Green Lantern or the Hulk?
Are you a fan of the Blue Man Group?
Have you ever gotten a first place ribbon?
Do you own a jean jacket?
Have you ever been to the ocean?
Did you ever watch Thomas and Friends?
Do you like grapes?
Do you have a lilac bush in your yard?
Do you know anyone named Violet?
Is there really a difference between violet and purple?
Have you ever eaten eggplant?
Are you superstitious of black cats?
Do you play Black Ops?
Do you own any vinyl records?
Have you ever actually gotten coal for Christmas?
Have you ever read Black Beauty?
Do you like cotton balls?
Does it snow where you live?
Do you put sugar in your coffee?
Got Milk?
Do you wish that you could lay on a cloud?
Just one more thing...
What's your favorite color?