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Author: xmissmarchxo
Created: November 2, 2012
Taken: 112 times
Rated: PG

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loving him was red.

Created by xmissmarchxo and taken 112 times on Bzoink
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another 'are we alike' survey. you should know how to do these!
you're female.
you're a senior in high school.
you have your drivers license.
you live on the east coast in the usa.
you have a boyfriend/girlfriend.
this is the longest relationship you've ever been in.
you love animals.
you have a dog.
you want more dogs!
your parents are still together.
you have 2 siblings.
you're applying for jobs now.
you're kindof addicted to twitter right now.
you don't have an iphone.
but you really really want one.
you love the beach!
and want to live close to the beach when you get older.
you'd rather run then walk.
roller coasters are you favorite amusement park rides.
you love feeling excited for something.
you're always listening to music.
you're a fan of justin bieber.
and one direction.
and paramore.
and all time low.
and breathe carolina.
you know who austin mahone is.
you're really close with your mom. (or sister, if you have one)
you've been to Canada.
you'd love to visit Great Britain.
and Australia.
and Italy
you've never been to the west coast in the usa.
you live in maryland. (usa)
you want to get married when you're older.
you'd like to have at least 2 children someday.
you'd love to become a Veterinarian.
but you're not sure where you want to go to college, yet.
you love to laugh.
you're usually always in a good mood.
you used to curse a lot, now you rarely ever do.
you'd trade bodies with a guy just for one day to see what it's like.
you don't really have a celebrity idol/role model.
your mom(or other family member) is someone you look up to.
you have no regrets, you believe everything's happened for a reason.
when it comes to abortion, you're pro-life.
you're actually interested in politics and what's going on now a days.
you're not a virgin.
you've lost your virginity at a young age.
you're still with the same person. ^
you've tried smoking once, and will never do it again.
you've never done any drugs.
you used to go to parties and drink a lot.
you've stopped drinking.
you don't like when people judge other people.
but you've done it in the past, and feel terrible about it.
you're more of a listener than talker.
you're more of a giver than taker.
you love making people smile and feel better.
your name is very common.
you were born in the Spring.
March, specifically.
you cannot dance to save your life.
you want to take dance classes.
you've played basketball.
and cheered.
and bowled. (in a league)
you're addicted to mocha frappe's from Mcdonald's.
you love Starbucks.
chinese, italian and american food are the best.
guys that can cook is a big turn on!
you've read the Fifty Shades books, and actually liked them.
Pretty Little Liars is one of your favorite shows.
okay i ran out of questions o.O thanks for taking my survey :)