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Author: bleedtoknowyouralive
Created: August 4, 2012
Taken: 479 times
Rated: G

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All about your boyfriend/girlfriend

Created by bleedtoknowyouralive and taken 479 times on Bzoink
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So who is the lucky guy/girl?
And how long have you been together?
Would you say you're in love with this person yet?
How much do you trust this person out of 100?
If your boyfriend/girlfriend proposed to you, would you say yes?
How old are they anyway?
older or younger than you?
How did you meet?
Who asked who out?
Ever cried over this person?
Ever cheated on this person? Or have they cheated on you?
If you caught your boyfriend/girlfriend cheating on you, what would you do?
Would you say their mother/father material?
What was your worst argument about with this person?
Ever broke up and then got back together?
Does this person make you happy?
If not, then why are you with them if youre not happy?
Whats their eye colour?
Hair colour?
Are they not just your boyfriend/girlfriend but your best friend also?
Would you chose your boyfriend/girlfriend over one of your close friends?
Has your boyfriend/girlfriend ever given you a teddy with I Love You on it?
Had your first valentine's day with your boyfriend/girlfriend?
Have they ever slept over your house or have you ever slept over theirs?
How far into the relationship was it before you met their parents?
Do you text your boyfriend/girlfriend more than any other person?
If you do text your boyfriend/girlfriend do you put xs at the end ?
Have they ever broken your trust? If so what did they do?
Have you told them every little secret that you have?
And last but not least when did you last see them?