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Author: kayleigh-rachel
Created: July 15, 2012
Taken: 205 times
Rated: PG

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Are you anything like my friends!? :]

Created by kayleigh-rachel and taken 205 times on Bzoink
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Are you anything like my friends!?
Answer true or false to these questions to see if you are!
Go! :)
You've never had a boyfriend/girlfriend:
You're taller than most people your age:
You have very low self-esteem and confidence:
American culture and history really interests you:
Your favourite colour is purple:
You listen to rap and hip-hop music:
You are pretty much always bored:
Sex is not really that important to you:
You have more than 1 pet dog:
You don't have many friends, because people irritate you:
Are you alike? -/10?
You're extremely loud and very bubbly:
You smoke weed a lot:
Most of your friends are boys:
You are very short and petite:
Drama seems to follow you everywhere:
You don't live with your parents:
You have been pregnant/gotten someone pregnant before:
You have 1 (or more) tattoo(s):
You cannot stand being single:
Alcohol makes you all emotional:
Are you alike? -/10?
You live somewhere in Europe, but not England:
You always get the top grades in school:
You still love your ex girlfriend/boyfriend and what them back:
You have really big goals and ambitions:
Ignorant and stupid people really wind you up:
You suffer from asthma:
You have/had THE biggest crush on a teacher:
You can play more than 1 music instrument:
You love to wear graphic tees with jeans or sweats:
Cooking is one of your favourite hobbies:
Are you alike? -/10?
You have an iPhone AND an iPad (or similar):
People often say that you're really weird:
You could be stereotyped as being an emo:
You're Chinese:
Your friends peer pressure you into stuff, but you like it:
You spent years of your life in solitary confinement:
You like to show off:
An ex boyfriend/girlfriend's parents have broken you up before:
You wear mostly black:
You write in a journal more than once a day:
Are you alike? -/10?
You make your own jewellery and/or crafts:
You have been deep sea diving before:
You're blonde, but not naturally:
You're currently on a diet, or have been on one:
You can drive:
You've lost a lot of friends due to money:
People often say that you're crazy:
You want to have a baby soon:
You've had a boyfriend/girlfriend for more than 3 years:
You love animals:
Are you alike? -/10?
You go the gym more than once a week:
You're literally covered in tattoos, or want to be:
You have a son/daughter:
Most people think you are really cool:
You live very close to the beach:
You hate your ex girlfriend/boyfriend:
You listen to metal and hardcore music:
You don't know who your real father is:
People who take drugs really offend you:
Facebook is pretty much your whole life:
Are you alike? -/10?
You could be described as somewhat a bit of a hippy:
You've just come out of a long-term relationship:
You have brown hair:
You have freckles, and you hate them:
You're about to become an Aunt/Uncle:
You're naturally tanned, all year round:
People used to bully you in school:
You don't currently have a job:
You hate living with your parents:
You are very violent when you're drunk:
Are you alike? -/10?
You're religious and regularly attend church:
You always wear baggy clothes:
You enjoy spending time with people older than you:
Working on an aeroplane would be your dream job:
You don't drink alcohol:
You have never smoked in your life:
All you ever do is watch TV and do school work:
Your parents are more like your best friends:
You love floral print:
You love wearing your pyjamas, no matter what time it is:
Are you alike? -/10?
You smoke cigarettes:
You're a redhead, naturally:
You have/want to run your own business:
You listen to music that's older than you are:
Being alone makes you depressed:
You party almost every weekend:
But you also work very, very hard at what you do:
You're a total clean freak:
Most of your friends are younger than you are:
You live alone:
Are you alike? -/10?