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Author: dietgrrrl
Created: October 13, 2011
Taken: 1,797 times
Rated: PG

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Just for fun! 50 questions for the bored ones.

Created by dietgrrrl and taken 1797 times on Bzoink
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1. How many pairs of converse shoes do you own?
2. Any other names your parents planned to give you?
3. Are you hot?
4. Which is the most beautiful place you know?
5. What do you work with?
6. Five everyday essentials you never leave the house without?
7. Have you ever hit an animal with your car?
8. Favorite ride at the amusement park?
9. Favorite beauty essential in your bathroom cabinet?
10. Do you have many followers on your tumblr?
11. Do you tan easily?
12. Are you expecting something in the mail?
13. Do you inspire others?
14. Favorite dessert:
15. What do you collect?
16. Do you like cats?
17. Are you healthy?
18. Have you ever been out of state?
19. Can you always blame your acts on that you were just too drunk?
20. Three things you try to avoid as much as possible:
21. How many times have you been overseas?
22. Do you use to have someone in mind when shopping for underwear?
23. Number of jeans in your closet:
24. What accent do you have?
25. Where would you like to live?
26. Do you follow fashion?
27. Do you have a big butt?
28. Your worst job nightmare is:
29. Who's the coolest rapper in the world?
30. Do you count how long you and your gf/bf have been together?
31. Have you graduated?
32. Should you go to a dance class or a charm class?
33. Rihanna or Lady GaGa?
34. Do you use fake eyelashes?
35. What's your worst interior design nightmare:
36. Which was the last book that really captivated you?
37. What are you wearing today?
38. Have you ever been so drunk that the police had to take care of you?
39. Are you one of those people that often feel sorry for yourself?
40. Do you have a MySpace? And actually use it?
41. What make up brands do you use?
42. What's the last vacation spot?
43. What's the worst kind of rejection you could give someone?
44. Do you have a crush on someone right now?
45. When are one guaranteed to NOT get laid?
46. Is there anyone that many people think is hot, but you don't?
47. How often do you wash your hair?
48. Who's your free pass?
49. Do you sort and organize your clothes in some kind of way?
50. Three persons you would like to thank: