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Author: iloverihanna
Created: October 1, 2011
Taken: 55 times
Rated: PG

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we found love in a hopeless place ♥ (are we alike :P)

Created by iloverihanna and taken 55 times on Bzoink
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ur a girl
ur 14
ur in grade 9
u live in canada
u have been to 5 schools so far
u love music
u have an ipod touch
u couldnt live without it :P
u love rihanna
u love lady gaga
u love katy perry
u strongly dislike justin bieber
u love drake
u have english first period
u have gym second
gorgraphy third :P
tech fifth :P
u cant wait for next semester :p
science is/was ur favourite subject
u can tell im canadian by the way i spell favourite
u really wanna go to barbados
u dont like justin bieber but yet u know all the words to baby :P
facebook irritates u
u love twitter
u wanna go to university when ur older
u wanna be a teacher
u wanna get married
u play soccer
u love volleyball
ur starting to like rugby
u love earrings
u love koala bears
....and flamingos....
....and dolphins
ur addicted to bubble gum :P
u had braces
they were only on ur bottom teeth, not ur top :P
ur favourite colour is lime green....
...and hot pink....
..and purple
u love starbucks
u love shopping
american eagle is ur favourite store
u love the name meagan....
....and the name trevor
^^u know a married couple with those names :P
u were lucky enough to have ur favourite teacher for 2 years :)
...but sadly u werent in her homeroom :(....
but u were still pretty close to her :)
u love the smell of Rihanna's Reb'l Fleur perfume
u love Brussels sprouts ♥
u have been to six concerts
u cant wait for lady gaga's tour dates to be released :)
u have been to a concert where the performer was two hours late
u have been to a concert with a special guest
u have been 20 ft away from drake without even knowing he was there :P
^^u really wish u had of known ♥
u haven't talked to ur dad in 3 years
u have 2 friends that live in england
u have a friend in oregon
u have a friend in germany
u have a friend who is from barbados
ur the shortest of all ur friends
all ur friends are like 6 inches taller than u
u have a collage on ur wall
u enjoy scrapbooking
u like speaking french
u get good grades
ur highest percentage on a test was 104% :P
... on a report card it was 95%
ur best at math and science
u cant wait for summer to come back
u miss someone very special
u enjoyed this survey :)