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Author: ameri-lynn123
Created: April 17, 2011
Taken: 114 times
Rated: PG

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Simple alike:)

Created by ameri-lynn123 and taken 114 times on Bzoink
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True or False, Yes or No . . Here we goooo !
The basics;
You are a female
You are 15 years old
You will be turning 16 this year
You have brown eyes
Your natural hair color is dark brunette
You are still in high school
You are mixed
You live with your mom
You have an older sister
You live in a house with all girls
Your parents are divorced
You are a aunt
Your not too close with your family
Your grandmothere died on your mother's side
Most of your family live outside of your state
About you:
You love to travel
You watch movies all the time
Your terrifed of bugs
Most of the time your happy
You play sports
You're very clumsy
You hate hate hateeee cleaning
You text a lot
You're always on the internet
Facebook is your favorite website
You love the beach
You do a lot of things with your friends
You still love your ex
You hate spaghetti
You always have nail polish on your nails
You give good advice
You have a smart mouth
You arent afraid to say what you want
You are single
You dont care what people think of you
You try to stay out of drama
You want a job
You still watch spongebob
You like flirting
You love music
You sing and dance
You're a likeable person
You get irritated easily
You're very competitive
You like the boardwalk
Summer is your favorite season
You like wearing dresses
Christmas is your favorite holiday
Mkay . . glad that over ?
We alikeeee!?