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Author: sofay
Created: January 18, 2011
Taken: 234 times
Rated: G

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Something's so sick about this, my misery's so addictive.

Created by sofay and taken 234 times on Bzoink
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Choose: The ability to speak any language or play any instrument?
Are you planning to spend a large sum of money any time soon?
Do you prefer listening to music through speakers or headphones?
The last time you injured yourself: How did it happen?
If you met yourself, would you befriend them?
In your opinion, what's the best cure for the hiccups?
The shoes you wore today: What do they look like?
If you have a garage, do you tend to just fill it with junk?
Would you prefer to live in an apartment, house or other?
The room you're in currently: Does it have carpet, tiles or other?
How cold are you currently?
Do you ever feel that people don't actually know The Real You?
What's your current occupation? Would you change it, if you could?
Are you wearing perfume today? What does it smell of?
The last time you cried: Why were you upset? (Or happy, as the case may be)
When did you last have toothache?
What are you planning to have for dinner tonight? (Or what did you have)
What's your favourite hot drink?
When was the last time you sneezed?
If you had the day off tomorrow, what would you do with your time?
Do you prefer laptops or computers?
Does your mobile phone have a touch screen?
Name one food item you eat fairly often:
Do you prefer talking on a mobile or landline?
The last thing you took a photo of: What was it?
Do you prefer writing with pens or pencils?
Name one place you'd like to visit as soon as possible:
Name one song you could listen to over and over:
Has anyone ever used a pick up line on you? What did they say?
What's one good thing that happened today?
Name the last good movie you watched:
Are you any good at cooking? What's your speciality?
Do you prefer plain, coloured or patterned socks?
When it's Winter, do you wish it could just be warm already?
When you wake, what is it that you think of most?
Are you home alone currently?
When was the last time you gave up on something / someone?