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Author: your-nightmare
Created: December 17, 2010
Taken: 117 times
Rated: G

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Doom doom doom dooom dooommmmm! (are we alike?)

Created by your-nightmare and taken 117 times on Bzoink
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So are we alike? True, False, Yay, Ney...whatever you wish.
Does your name start with an R?
Are you 21 years old?
Is your birthday in november?
You like driving?
You\'ve held down two jobs at the same time?
Christmas is your favorite holiday?
You have your own car?
You love Invader Zim?
Your favorite colors are lime green, black and purple?
You like bzoink, just not the forums do much?
You have over 5 animals at your residence?
You love clothes shopping?
Your more than 50% Irish?
You have straight teeth, without braces.
You drink lots of tea?
You have tons of allergies?
Your parents are awesome?
Your still live at home?
You only have one full blood sibling, but tons of half siblings?
You live in New York..but not the city?
Your religious beliefs vary, but you still go to church every sunday?
Your in a relationship?
You have an industrial piercing?
Your going to college for fashion design?
More than half your family lives outside the U.S?
Your hypoglycemic (low blood sugar)?
Your anemic?
Your quite a techie?
You LOVE sweets?
You've immersed yourself into the British culture?
You know who David Tennent and Benedict Cumberbatch are?
Music is your thing?
Your skin is translusent?
You love old movies?
You've trained in fencing?
You love Long Island ice teas?
You've only had one boyfirend?
You can generally quote movies after the first time you watch it?
You have red hair?
You have green eyes?
Your ears are gauges?
You love nature?
You've gone on a week long wilderness camping trip by yourself?
You love Dr Who?
You've gotten more than 5 inches of snow at your home?
You know your cars?
You kayak?
Your a ninja?
You flew a plane by the age of 9?
You love life?
You wear glasses?
You can shoot a gun with some proficiency?
Your stronger than a lot of the guys you know?
You love your friends?
You can read people?
You prefer cats over dogs?
Your always hungry?
Your the perfect independant voter?
Your tall?
Your female?
You investigate the paranormal?
Your legitimately OCD (obsessive compulsive)?
You hate math?
You are fantastically happy with your life?